In Review: Supergirl – Medusa

As Eliza comes to National City for Thanksgiving, Kara turns to Lena for help when Cadmus unleashes a virus that instantly kills aliens

Synopsis: As Eliza comes to National City for Thanksgiving, Kara turns to Lena for help when Cadmus unleashes a virus that instantly kills aliens, then is asked by Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon for help with an alien invasion on their Earth.

Review: This episode picks things up from last week as we learn what it was that Cyborg Superman was after from the Fortress of Solitude. In a nutshell he was after the Medusa Virus, which was engineered by Kara’s father to wipe all alien life out on Krypton, but insure that all native to Krypton were immune.

This revelation about the Medusa Virus and her father involvement troubles Kara and has her questioning everything she had learned of her family in childhood.

When Cyborg Superman releases some of the virus at the alien bar. It successfully kills every living being in the bar and very nearly kills Mon-El who comes under attack from it shortly after his brief confrontation with Cyborg Superman.

Due to his exposure to the virus. Mon-El is quarantined by DEO while Eliza (Helen Slater) struggles to find a cure for it.

In order to help with finding the cure Supergirl goes to Lena Luther and reveals to her the truth about her mother in the hopes that she will help.

In a nutshell this storyline sees Mon-El get saved only for us to then find out that some aliens are orbiting earth with intent to kill him. Additionally we learn that Eliza has figured out a way to use the virus to reverse the effects of Martian Man Hunter turning into a White Martian, which is cool if not the waste of what could have been an interesting story opportunity for a longer term.

That said the fight sequences between Supergirl and Cyborg Superman were pretty solid and made up for some of the shows more soapy moments.

In regards to the soapy elements Alex and Maggie finally figure stuff out and get it together. I await with bated breath for the break up episode or the first fight episode. Not.

The tail end of the episode is where Flash and Cisco come to Supergirl’s earth in order to ask for her help. And she agrees. Admittedly we did see the portal that Flash uses to come to this earth pop up a few times during the episode.

So we’ll see where all this is going when I get chance to see the next episode of ‘The Flash’, which will most likely be tomorrow.

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Supergirl - Medusa
  • The Good: The Fight Sequences With Cyborg Superman
  • The Bad: Enough already of the soapy stuff.
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