In Review: Tekken #1

Written by Cavan Scott. This first issue of Tekken does much to introduce you to the various characters and the world.

Synopsis: Comic book adaptation based on the popular video games series. This first issue introduces the various characters as they battle it out for control of a corporation.

Review: Written by Cavan Scott. This first issue of Tekken does much to introduce you to the various characters and the world.

The story centres on a collection of martial arts fighters who battle it out in a tournament for control of a corporation.

This first issue picks things up shortly after one of these tournaments and the good guys have pretty much lost and are in the process of reconnecting with each other to stage a fight back.

If like myself you only have a vague understanding of the video game and the characters. Don’t worry. The book has a collection of character bios that help ease you in.

Also each character has an introduction as it is brought into the story, which was a fun element of the this first issue, but on the down side it got in the way of moving the story to far forward.

The artwork by Andy Tong is fantastic. It’s some of the best have seen in recent weeks. The sequence in which the character battle it out have a very edgy cinematic feel to them. And after reading this. I so want to have a pet Panda that can do Kung Fu.

Also great is the colour added by Marcio Menyz add great depth and character to the story. It’s like viewing a HD film, but in a comic.

While I have never really been a fan of Tekken and have very little understanding of the universe. This comic does a great job of introducing it and does it in a fun and engaging way.

It was a quick read and I was left caring enough for the characters to want to know what will happen next.

Tekken will be released very soon via Titan Comics.

Tekken #1
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