In Review: The Aliens – Episode 3

Lilyhot tries to persuade Antoine to start a gang war with Fabien, but he isn't interested.

Synopsis: Lilyhot tries to persuade Antoine to start a gang war with Fabien, but he isn’t interested.

Review: Lilyhot continues her wily scheme in order to try and get Antoine to declare war against Fabien, but Antoine is not having any of it.

In order to get Antoine to commit Lilyhot manipulates Fabien into using Lewis as a means to smuggle fur through the checkpoint. Knowing full well that Fabien will most likely threaten Lewis and takes things to far. Which in turn would lure Antoine out of retirement to help his estranged son.

As with previous episodes Lilyhot is the centre of all the action as she manipulates and schemes using her sexual prowess with all and sundry with the exception of Lewis, who rather amusingly points this out.

Meanwhile things at home for Lewis seem to have taken a rather stressful turn insofar as his sister is going cold turkey from her drug habit.

While at the check point Lewis’s work colleague Truss is getting more and more suspicious and is trying to role the somewhat gullible Dominic into working with him by offering him the chance of a promotion.

Unfortunately although this show still provides a few chuckles and continues to provide some fun moments. The narrative hasn’t really moved on all that much since last week, which is a little disappointing given how much effort was put into breaking Antoine out of prison.

About all that happens is Antoine and Lewis wind up bonding as father and son after a somewhat stressful shoot out. We still know very little about how much better things could be with Antoine in charge of Troy. Which is odd given how much Lilyhot sold breaking Antoine out to Lewis.

Fabien remains the bad ass that he was in previous weeks, but he’ll be walking with a limp next week if the continuity gods follow through on that plot point.

The Aliens - Episode 3
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