In Review: The Flash – Abra Kadabra

The Flash comes up against an Earth 19 villain called Abra Kadabra.

Synopsis: The Flash comes up against an Earth 19 villain called Abra Kadabra. The team runs into problems when Gypsy turns up with intent to take Abra Kadabra back with her to Earth 19.

Review: Flash and his team come across a time travelling villain by the name of Abra Kadabra who tries to bribe them into releasing him with vital information about Savitar’s true identity. The trouble is Gypsy is very set on taking the villain back to face the death sentence on Earth 19.

The Flash makes a return to form this week with a story about Barry and his team having to make some really difficult decisions that effect their future.

I really enjoyed the villain this week. I’ve always been a sucker for magic and illusion as a viewer and felt that Abra Kadabra provided a more interesting villain for Barry to go up against. David Dastmalchian added some brilliant charisma to the villain of the piece and his end game plays a major role in making Barry decide what his next move should be. 

It was particularly good to see Jessica Camacho back as Gypsy and the continuation of her rather complex flirtation with Cisco, which as most people will have guessed. Ends in tears for poor Cisco.

Detective Joe West makes a judgement call in this episode, which very much goes against Gypsy’s game plan, but ultimately it plays a key role in helping Barry decide how he can best fight Savitar.

Julian Albert gets to play a key role in the episode when Caitlin Snow is hurt, but it doesn’t end well as the injury Caitlin sustains is to much for her human side to bear. Meaning the the Meta side of her has to come out and come out it well and truly does. Killer Frost is on the loose.

By close of the episode Barry decides that he needs to time travel to the distant future to find out the origins of Savitar and ultimately how best to defeat him. Does this mean he will have to create another Flashpoint?

The Flash - Abra Kadabra
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