In Review: The Flash – Finish Line

With nothing left to lose, Barry takes on Savitar in an epic conclusion.

Synopsis: With nothing left to lose, Barry takes on Savitar in an epic conclusion.

Review: After last weeks shocking episode we finally learn the fate of Iris and learn that H.R. switched places with her using his holographic technology. But Barry still has to deal with Savitar and try and talk him down from doing anything else to cause harm.

Things conclude rather neatly with Barry having to walk into the speed force to pay his dues. Which made sense given the amount of damage he’d done with all the time travel and flash point.

The acting from Grant Gustin in this episode was fairly solid.

He was particularly good in the scenes where he was playing both the dark and light Barry, which is not easy to do.

Also impressive was Danielle Panabaker in her scenes with Cisco and Savitar. You could literally see the Killer Frost in her melting away into someone else that was searching for who they should be. 

The episode was pretty much all you could have asked for from a season finale and the way in which Savitar is defeated made sense.

I felt bad for the new character of Tracy Brand who in the wink of an eye lost H.R who was every bit her soulmate.

Every character had their moment to shine. Which included Julian Albert who I hope will return for the next series.

We also got a great visit from Gypsy who comes to the rescue of Cisco. The moment where she tells him that they are connected was well earned given that it had been strongly hinted in her prior guest spots.

So we’re left with a Central City that is no longer protected by The Flash, which means Kid Flash will most likely start the fourth season until such time as Barry manages to get himself out of the speed force.

I look forward to seeing how the writers managed to create a reason for Barry to be able to leave the speed force for next year.

I also look forward to seeing if we will see the return of Killer Frost, but a version that is seeking redemption and finds a new niche for herself on team Flash.

Overall this season finale worked.

The Flash - Finish Line
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