In Review: The Flash – Goldfaced

Barry and Ralph must go undercover as criminals in an illegal black market to purchase a device that could help them stop Cicada.

Synopsis: Barry and Ralph must go undercover as criminals in an illegal black market to purchase a device that could help them stop Cicada. Once inside, Barry and Ralph find their morality tested as they slip deeper into the criminal world, eventually having to choose between committing a crime or losing the means to defeat one of their greatest foes.

Review: Barry and Ralph go undercover while Nora tries to hinder Sherloque’s investigation.

The Story

In order to get a hold of some technology that could potentially help them fight Cicader, but the only way to get it is by becoming illegal arms buyers. To that end, Barry and Ralph have to infiltrate the criminal underworld in order to make contact with a crook known as Goldface who happens to own the technology that they need.

Elsewhere Iris who has opened her Newspaper/Blog is struggling to engage readers and comes up with a scheme that will involve her tracking down Cicader.

Back at Starlabs. Nora is working to try and hinder Sherloque and his investigation into her and her contact who happens to be Reverse Flash. In order to do this, she tries to set Sherloque up to fall in love, which leads to some amusing situations. Especially when it comes to his Ex-Wives.

The Acting

We get some fantastic performances this week. Grant Gustin and Hartley Sawyer are fun to watch when they go undercover. Especially given that Barry is having to fight his inner cop, which leads to a fun confrontation between them and Goldface.

Damion Poitier is fantastic as Goldface and is both intimidating as well as charming, which often makes for a dangerous combination. The fight toward the end of the episode is really good given that Barry and Ralph do not have the use of their meta-powers.

Kimberly Williams-Paisley also proves to be a brilliant guest star as she plays the love interest for Sherloque, but also his Ex-Wives, which is where the actress is given a wonderful opportunity to shine and shine she does.


A fun episode, which gives Iris a confrontation to remember with Cicada, which leads to her finding a possible weakness.

I also loved that Sherloque now has a love interested in Renee Adler who could possibly be a meta.


The Flash - Goldfaced
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