In Review: The Flash – I Know Who You Are

Barry figures out the identity of Savitar in this weeks Flash

Synopsis: Barry and the team meet Tracy Brand, a scientist, who maybe key to stopping Savitar. Unfortunately Killer Frost is also after Tracy so Team Flash must battle their old friend, which proves to be particularly difficult for Cisco.

Review: The episode starts with Barry facing Savitar saying, “I know who you are.”

The story then flashes back to 16 hours earlier and sees team Flash trying to locate Tracy Brand.

What starts out as a mission to recruit Tracy to help them stop Savitar ends up being a rescue mission as Killer Frost makes an attempt on Tracy’s life.

The episode concludes the way it starts with Barry facing the future and darker version of himself in the form of Savitar.

This episode was pretty awesome. Anne Dudek is perfectly cast as the geeky Tracy Brand who has a major confidence issue in her own abilities, which makes way for some fun moments between Tracy and H.R. who tries to motivate her. 

The real drama though is with Cisco who has issues with trying to stop Killer Frost out of fear of killing her. Caitlin Snow aka Frost is Cisco’s best friend. So it would make sense for Cisco to have doubts. These doubts of Cisco’s are jumped on by Julian Albert who also loves Caitlin.

We see a fantastic scene in which Cisco admits his fear to Julian.

I’ve really enjoyed how Julian has been incorporated into Team Flash and hope that he gets to stay around for future seasons.

The soap opera moments in this episode concern Joe’s relationship, which he tries to end in order to protect his girlfriend, but ultimately the relationship is back on again and Cecile is let in on the secret with regards to the identity of Flash and Kid Flash.

We have some fantastic action sequences in the episode with Killer Frost showing just how dangerous she can be, but there are a couple of moments in the story where it looks like Caitlin could still fighting for control.

Ultimately the close of the episode sees Barry and Savitar face each other and put their cards on the table so to speak.


The Flash - I Know Who You Are
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