In Review: The Flash – Infantino Street

Flash turns Captain Cold for help!

Synopsis: Barry chooses to use any means necessary to save the woman he loves; The Flash turns to Captain Cold for help.

Review: When it turns out that the power source needed to fuel the weapon to trap Savitar is the property of ARGUS. Barry is forced to resort to drastic measures in order to steal it.

To that end. The Flash travels backward in time to pick up Captain Cold from a point in time when he was still working with the Legends Of Tomorrow. Snart (Captain Cold) reluctantly agrees to help Barry and the two proceed to break into the most secure building in the US.

This episode is probably a pure joy for Captain Cold fans and rightfully so.

It’s always fun to see Barry paired off with Captain Cold because the two are complete opposites. As Snart says. It’s always interesting for him to see just how far Barry is prepared to cross the line and do something utterly ruthless. Where as the same can be true for Snart in terms of him doing something for the greater good as apposed to his usual self serving ends.

I enjoyed the moment where Snart and Barry come face to face with King Shark. It takes Snart’s interest in Shark Week to come up with a way to subdue the beast. But the moment this happens is both tense and funny.

Elsewhere Iris and her father Joe share a touching moment both knowing that her potential death is literally hours away.

H.R. and Tracy Brand continue their fun relationship.

Killer Frost and Cisco aka Vibe face off for their battle.

For me this episode felt like it was to just fill space.

I mean at the beginning when Barry approaches Lyla Michaels to ask to lend the power source from ARGUS she refuses. Yet when he and Snart steal it. She lets him off the hook and agrees to let him use it anyhow. I wonder if she was fresh from her argument with Diggle in Arrowverse just before this?

Ultimately by the end of the episode. Barry is right back where he started and isn’t able to save Iris, which can only mean that we’ll see more time travel next week or she will remain dead.

Truth be told. I wasn’t expecting to see the confrontation play out this week.

While it was fun having Leonard Snart back. I can’t help but feel that this was just a sticking plaster to buy some time for next weeks season finale.

This didn’t really feel like a penultimate episode for a season.

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