In Review: The Flash – Monster

Caitlin goes to her mother to help understand the meta-human growing inside her.

Synopsis: Caitlin goes to her mother to help understand the meta-human growing inside her. Meanwhile Barry tries to convince Julian to allow him to help investigate a new human meta-attack on Central City.

Review: This story pretty much picks up from where last week left off. At least as far as Caitlin is concerned.

When a mysterious monster starts attacking random blocks of the city. Barry and his team are at first baffled and puzzled as to how to stop it. And the new Harrison Wells who is insisting on being called H.R. is proving to be far more of an annoyance than helpful.

Meanwhile Caitlin has visited her mothers lab in order to see if her mum can help her get to the bottom of what is causing her new meta-powers. At first the reception for Caitlin is frosty, but after a little time her mum seems to start to warm to her daughter again and promises to continue to try and help.

Back at the precinct. Barry has asked Julian if he can tail him and help with his investigations in the hopes that he can broker a better relationship. Things get worse before they get better and the two fall out. However when the monster attacks turn out to be the machinations of a bullied teenager and the Flash stops Julian from potentially killing the teen. Things change as does Julian’s opinion of Meta-Humans. By the close of the episode Julian and Barry have improved their relations somewhere and wind up going for a drink together.

Back at Starlabs. Harrison Wells has been found out by Cisco and a confrontation takes place in which HR is forced to admit that he has no scientific knowledge and is just an “Ideas Guy”. Barry says he can stick around for a couple of weeks, but should he prove to be not pulling his weight. He’ll be sent back to his Earth.

All in all. This was a fun episode with some great character beats and some new character developments for Caitlin, which will make this season more compelling to watch as her power slowly starts to overtake her.

I loved the comic relief posed by the fake Harrison Wells. I mean who knew that Tom Cavanagh could do comedy so well.

The Flash - Monster
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