In Review: The Flash – The Once And Future Flash

Barry travels forward in time to 2024 to find out Savitar's identity and save Iris' life.

Synopsis: Barry travels forward in time to 2024 to find out Savitar’s identity and save Iris’ life.

Review: This is a great episode to kick things off on after what has been a three week break for the series.

As the synopsis states. Barry goes 8-years into the future to see if he can find some answers about the true identity of Savitar.

Unfortunately the future he arrives at in 2024 is bleaker than the bleakest of your average Dickens novel, but not as moody or as suicide inducing as ‘Man Of Steel’ or ‘Batman Vs Superman’. So at least there is that much to be grateful for.

Our Barry pretty much gets his butt kicked right off the bat by future versions of Mirror Master and The Top. Luckily for us Barry is able to get away from them to meet up with the future version of Cisco who has fell on hard times.

He asks Cisco to introduce him to the future version of himself and thus starts a story, which sees our version of Barry helping to fix the future version of himself as well as bring the team back together.

There is some fun amid the bleakness and that is provided by none other than acclaimed novelist H.R. Wells who while doing a public reading of his latest novel. He is texting with several beautiful women and trying to organise one of those experiences that he feels that every man must have. A threesome. Thankfully we are saved from the yuck factor when our Barry recruits H.R. back into the folks.

Phew. That was close.

By the close of the story Barry along with the future version of himself have reformed Team Flash in 2024 and all is right again. But we are not close to learning the identity of Savitar. Only Killer Frost knows.

What we do get though is a bit of hope.

In his final scene. The future version of Barry gives our version some data along with the name of a scientist that helped him develop a speed trap to keep Savitar in the speed force. Armed with the information it is hoped that our version of Barry can find the scientist and hopefully aid her in developing the trap sooner and hopefully save Iris.

The episode closed with a reveal that will have had every fan yelling in frustration. The reveal of Savitar. Only not the case. We get a great dramatic scene in which Savitar reveals himself to Killer Frost. All we see is the suit coming off and the shocked expression on Killer Frost’s face.

As said already. This was a great episode to kick things off on and it will be pretty tough for the writers to top what they have done here.

The Flash - The Once And Future Flash
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