In Review: The Flash – Time Bomb

Synopsis: Team Flash finds out that suburban mom Vickie Bolen is in danger, and they race to save her; they discover she’s a metahuman who is hiding her abilities...

Synopsis: Team Flash finds out that suburban mom Vickie Bolen is in danger, and they race to save her; they discover she’s a metahuman who is hiding her abilities from her family; Barry encourages Vickie to share her secret with her family.

Review: Nora’s secret is uncovered.

The Story

This episode deals with several story arcs that have been ongoing, but it begins in 2049 with Eobard Thawne telling Nora to reveal the truth to Barry and the team. Which puts poor Nora in a bit of a bind because she just doesn’t know how to tell them.

Back in the present day, the team is looking for a time machine, which most likely transported the new version of Cicada to 2019, but they wind up finding two of the exact same machine. One thing leads to another and they eventually find a meta by the name of Vickie Bolen who they think Cicada is targeting.

The Acting

This episode very much belongs to Chris Klein who puts in a fantastic performance as Orlin Dwyer who is now freed from the dark matter and is now thinking a lot clearer. His scenes with Sarah Carter who plays the future version of his niece Grace are full of emotion and truth. Grace who is the newer and seemingly more powerful version of Cicada is driven by pure rage. So much so that not even Orlin is able to get through to her. In fact the first part of the episode she goes after the meta-human who killed her parents and she doesn’t care about it having been an accident.


This episode focused a lot on the Cicada stuff and gave tragic end for Orlin Dwyer.

I really liked the moments dotted throughout the episode in which Sherloque Wells was investigating Nora via some pages from her diary. Which leads to the revelation that she has been working with Eobard Thawne at the very close of the episode. And Barry’s reaction to this information is pretty hardcore.

Overall. A really emotionally driven episode with some great character beats and fantastic combat sequences involving the new Cicada and team Flash.

I look forward to seeing how all of this will be resolved in the weeks to come. Will Barry find forgiveness for Nora, who rather naively chose to work with Thawne. And how will they defeat this new and more powerful version of Cicada?

The Flash - Time Bomb
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