In Review: The Jurassic Games

I'd only really recommend this film if you have taken copious amounts of alcohol or take class A drugs before viewing. 

Synopsis: Death Row inmates are forced to take part in a gruesome game show that pits them against both fellow convicts and a group of terrifying dinosaurs.

Review: While roaming through Sky Cinema last night for something silly to watch. I came across this dystopian mockbuster, which kind of riffs on numerous Reality TV tropes and adds Dinosaurs into the mix.

Directed by Ryan Bellgardt who also co-wrote the film. It’s shallow in regards to the storyline but provides ample laughs as it pokes fun at the stupidity of the majority of the reality tv shows we see on the air today.

The Story

As mentioned above. The film’s storyline is from the shallow end of the pool and relies very much on the cool dinosaurs and the actual game show itself.

The films central character of Anthony Tucker is the heroic innocent inmate that we and the audience of the reality show are supposed to get behind. Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of substance to his character that has you caring either way. There are little bits here and there, but it is mostly played for laughs.

In fact, all the characterizations felt a little 2 dimensional at times, but despite this, some of the actors somehow managed to transcend the material they are given.

The film’s story is very much a gruesome comedy with very little mention of the social and political mores of this near dystopian future. We get glimpses of protestors wanting the show shut down and one of the film’s characters that work’s on the show is trying to shut things down from the inside, but the twists in the plot kind of get telegraphed. So they do not really prove that surprising when they happen.

The movie’s soundtrack was pretty horrendous. It is mostly synth music, but it suffers from being overly repetitive and not particularly exciting. It does nothing to enhance the story.

The Acting

For the most part, the acting is kind of ok but not that great, but some of that could be to do with the material that these actors are given to work with. The Sharknado movies are a bit better written than this.

The stand out performers is Perrey Reeveswho fans may recognize from ‘Childs Play 3’ as well as numerous TV appearances in series such as ‘Covert Affairs’. Reeves plays the super bitchy TV executive that is running the show and plays it to the hilt.

Also good was relative newcomer Katie Burgess, who plays the psychotic teenager killer Joy. This character starts off a little slow but builds into a real badass character who provides one of the films biggest twists.


CGI Dinosaurs have been done a gazillion times by now. But considering this film’s budget and all else. The CGI was pretty good and whatever glitches that were visible can easily be written off as a part of the virtual reality game experience. The CGI is actually the films strongest asset if truth be told.


Overall. I’d only really recommend this film if you have taken copious amounts of alcohol or take class A drugs before viewing.

If you are after some totally mindless action involving convicts running away from Dinosaurs. Then it will be your bag, but if you cannot disengage your brain. You’re not going to enjoy this.

Unfortunately. I can’t really say that this film is so bad that it is good.

The Jurassic Games
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  • Incidental Music

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