In Review: The Librarians And The Apple Of Discord

Flynn lends a hand to help the team find the hidden treasure of the dragons, who may otherwise cause havoc

Synopsis: Flynn lends a hand to help the team find the hidden treasure of the dragons, who may otherwise cause havoc.

Review: In this latest episode both the eastern and western dragons awake and are both poised to destroy up to 65% of the earth if their issue over the theft of a mystical pearl is not resolved.

The fact that the dragons have awoken creates earth quakes, but as Flynn points out upon his return the earthquakes are in fact the dragons moving around because they live beneath the earth.

In order to try and resolve the potential or all out war between the Eastern and Western dragons the East send Mr Drake their representative to the library. Drake in ideal circumstances is supposed to air issues with the Librarian, but thanks to Ezekiel answering the doorbell Flynn winds up on the sidelines and going out in search of the pearl with Eve, Jake and Cassandra.

The fact that Ezekiel a thief by trade is left in charge of negotiations between Drake and other factions from the worlds of myth and fantasy makes for some truly funny moments. I loved the fact that Dulaque is called out as truly evil for stealing a guys pepperoni pizza.

The quest to recover the pearl takes Flynn, Eve and the rest to the roof of the Vatican and then beneath the ground of the Vatican’s court yard.

Eventually the team finds the pearl, but it is not a straightforward retrieval mission due to the fact that contained with in the pearl casing is ‘The Apple Of Discord,’ which was created by the Greek Goddess Eris as what can only be described as the nastiest wedding gift you could ever hope to receive. The Apple when held by the individual brings out their worst possible self and we get to see the worst of Flynn, Eve, Jake and Cassandra. Evil Cassandra actually looks like she could be a fun date and to me is the standout of this episode at illustrating the effects of the Apple.

Meanwhile back at the library Ezekiel is struggling to keep order and Dulaque is trying to make a case for the Library and the Librarians to be discontinued. It is only the intervention of Jenkins and his attention to procedures and detail that holds the conclave up long enough for Flynn to return and make a case for the library to remain, but Flynn is under the influence of the Apple initially and it is down to Jenkins and Ezekiel to get the apple from him.

Just as things are starting to look really bad Ezekiel who as fate has it is immune to the Apple because he is already his worst self managed to pick it from Flynn’s pocket, which allows Flynn to bring the conclave to a satisfactory close. Although initially Mr Drake is not entirely happy because of the none retrieval of the missing pearl, but Ezekiel calls him on the deception, which pretty much saves the world from the warring dragons who will now sleep again.

At the close of the episode it is revealed that Jenkins and Dulaque have a past and it was Dulaque that concocted the plans to create discord with the dragons in order to take control of the Library.

This for me was a really funny episode, which had an element of everything. The return of Noah Wyle as Flynn was a welcome part of the story and getting to see the characters darker side thanks to the Apple was a lot of fun, but for me the most fun was had with Cassandra and her use of mathematics in order to figure out the correct amount of force needed to incapacitate Lamia and then wander off to a powerplant in order to put her evil plans into action.

The relationship between Cassandra and Jake once again comes into effect here as Jake manages to talk Cassandra down by giving her an unsolvable maths equation.

Has to be said that Lindy Booth’s Cassandra has to be my favorite of the Librarians given that the writers seem to be having the most fun with her characters quirks.

There was a lot for Ezekiel Stone to do in this episode and we also get to have a lot of fun with him in this story.

If there is one criticism and this one probably comes down to the limitations of a television shows budget, but I would have liked to have seen a little more of the dragons. We only really catch a brief look at them in the episode.

All in all this episode for sheer comedy value has to be the best we have seen to date.


The Librarians And The Apple Of Discord
  • Some fantastic zany comedy moments
  • Would have liked to have seen more of the dragons
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Music

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    30 December 2014 at 5:00 pm -

    Likewise, I really want to see more of the dragons. As for du Lac and Jenkins, it wouldn’t shock me if they turned out to be father and son, just aging differently, because of different choices.

  • Ian Cullen
    30 December 2014 at 6:13 pm -

    I was thinking more along the lines of brothers for Jenkins and Du Lac.

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