In Review: The Librarians And The Broken Staff

The devious Prospero brings in fictional villains to battle the librarians.

Synopsis: The devious Prospero brings in fictional villains to battle the librarians.

Review: Picking up the loose story threads from last week. This episode weaves together a few new threads which wind up splitting Flynn off from the team by the close of the episode.

Prospero takes on more of an active role this week as he breaks into the library in order to seek out and find the tree of knowledge, which is at the very centre of the library. There is a problem in that when Flynn and the team managed to get the library back last series. Not everything was put back correctly and a few artifacts have gone missing.

The episode pairs all the librarians into pairs in order to create a way and a means for Flynn and Baird to catch up with Prospero and stop him from finding the tree of knowledge, but the mad magician has let loose Frankenstein’s monster and the Queen Of Harts from Alice In Wonderland to slow down their progress. Baird and Jake manage to concoct a way to defeat The Queen by using her narrative against her. But Frankenstein’s monster is a little more problematic, but not for the wily thief Ezeliel Jones who tells the monster about plastic surgery, wrestling and sets him up with his own dating profile in one of this stories most fun scenes.

John Larroquette and Noah Wyle pretty much are the stand outs in this story, but all the other players have their little bits to do which aid their performances and build a little bit more on their characters.

I wasn’t to happy with Baird letting Moriarty go free by close of the story and think that it could well come back to bite her on the butt further down the line.

The actress who played Queen Of Harts should win some sort of award for fully committing to her role. She pretty much came across like she was having a whole lot of fun in the role. There was almost some elements of Harley Quinn to how she was moving about with her weapons of choice.

With Prospero and Moriarty once again in the wind. It will be interesting to see how they come back into play later on in the series as we have more of the plot threads to this years arc.

The Librarians And The Broken Staff
  • Ezekiel Jones setting Frankensteins Monster up on variou social networks.
  • Baird letting Moriarty go. Hopefully we see the consequences of this later on.
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music
  • Visual FX

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  • mentdijinn
    10 November 2015 at 7:55 pm -

    Enjoy each and every episode . Will be watching every Sunday on TNT 8/7 PM CT The Librarians with my favorite actor/singer Christian Kane.. Thanks for sharing!

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