In Review: The Librarians – And The Rule Of Three

The Librarians must help out when a high school rivalry spirals out of control and students turn to witchcraft.

Synopsis: The Librarians must help out when a high school rivalry spirals out of control and students turn to witchcraft.

Review: Although not quite as fun as last weeks story this latest episode of the series uses a science fair, witchcraft and the rule of three to expand a little on the shows mythology and introduce us to a new incarnation of a legendary villain from the world of King Arthur.

The episode starts with a fun moment of Ezekiel Jones using the libraries portal magic in order to evade the police while out thieving on his day off.

When three high school students are incapacitated via means of magic from attending a science fair the Librarians are called into action and to begin a search for a coven of three witches, which is what Jenkins believes is undercutting all the student entrants to the fair.

It soon becomes apparent that something or someone much more sinister is at play in the form of Morgan le Fay  who is played with relish by Alicia Witt. Morgan is apparently collecting all the magic generated by the students via an iPhone application, which has allowed them to conjure a spell that undercuts the competition, but it is not the students that are directly responsible for the application. It is their parents.

We see some genuinely fun moments in this, but if I have one criticism of the episode it would be that it took it awhile to reveal the villain. I was very nearly nodding off until Morgan le Fay was introduced, which is really when the story for this episode truly kicked in.

The scenes that play out between Morgan, Baird and Jenkins are among the most thrilling we see in this episode and as a result we learn that Jenkins and Morgan have a history.

The use of an App to channel a magic spell was a pretty fun idea.

And having Bex Taylor-Klaus’s character help the librarians construct a magical Faraday cage in order to mute the spells effects on the entire student body was a nice touch.

We see some nice character work with Ezekiel Jones and Cassandra in this episode and Ezekiel coins the word “Mathemagics” when describing Cassandra’s magical Faraday solution.

But the closing moments of the episode where Jenkins dresses Baird down for not taking the opportunity to kill Morgan le Fay was well acted and opens up a potential recurring character for the show as well as hints of a much broader story-line.

Again its a shame about the pacing of this episode. If Morgan has been introduced a tad earlier and had the opportunity for a little more to do to try and stop the librarians. It would maybe have been a slightly better episode.

The Librarians - And The Rule Of Three
  • A great villain in Morgan Le Fay
  • Pacing was a little slow
  • Story
  • Acting
  • Incidental Music

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One Comment
  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    13 January 2015 at 1:32 pm -

    To go from Alia in 1984’s Dune to Morgan le Fay is really awesome. Well done. Loved the stuff with Jenkins.

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