In Review: The Librarians And The Tears Of A Clown

The Librarians investigate a mysterious travelling carnival where they discover the sinister secret of a magician who has been corrupted by the use of real magic.

Synopsis: The Librarians investigate a mysterious travelling carnival where they discover the sinister secret of a magician who has been corrupted by the use of real magic.

Review: This third season of Librarians is getting better and better with each passing week and thus far this episode has been the most enjoyable for me.

The story has subtle shades of horror films such as ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’, but softened somewhat for the family audience. I absolutely loved the opening scenes, which saw Jenkins investigating to find out what happened to his Librarians. John Larroquette has some really nice chemistry going on with Elisha Henig the young actor that played young Vern who assisted him in the investigation. I’d liked to have seen a little more of that friendship. 

When Jenkins eventually finds the Librarians they have all been magically transformed into carnival performers. Lindy Booth was a Mermaid, Christian Kane was The Strong Man, John Harlan Kim was A Snake Charmer and Rebecca Romjin was a Two Headed Woman. The make-up effects used to achieve these different looks was well done. Thankfully Jenkins was able to reverse it.

The story pretty much centred on the Carnival Magician who winds up to be someone that was corrupted by magic because he was under the mistaken impression that the girl that he loved has left him at a carnival back in the 90s. So he was using his acquired magic to find this woman and disposing of the ladies who did not turn out to be the right person.

Sean Astin was fantastic as the magician while Felicia Day put in an equally great performance as the grown up version of the girl that he’d fallen so hard for. 

The idea that the team are now hunting modern artefacts is a cool one and gives some potential for the show to run and run should TNT continue to be happy with the ratings.

The clowns that featured in this story were pretty sinister and proved to have just the right level of creepiness to scare the younger viewers without being out and out terrifying. So they were not quite at the creep factor of Pennywise from Stephen Kings ‘IT’.

Additionally the episode included some DOSA plot points, which will no doubt come into play as we get toward the close of this season.

All in all though. This was my favourite story to date. And I loved that Jenkins got to some time on his own to shine.


The Librarians And The Tears Of A Clown
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  • mentdijinn
    21 December 2016 at 3:44 pm -

    Great review! totally agree! Fantastic make up and sets designs too.. They have an all around wonderful team at The Librarians… starting with cast of course, but sets, guest stars, writing.. .. Best Season so far for me as well.. Thanks for sharing!

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