In Review: The Lost Fleet: Corsair #1

Titan Comics adapt Jack Campbell's science fiction war novels.

Synopsis: Imprisoned by the Syndics, Michael Geary’s one chance lies in Destina Aragon – determined commander of a regiment of hardened soldiers now caught up in a wide scale rebellion within Syndic space. Seeking to escape both their prison and Syndic space, will Geary and Aragon join forces to get home – or will the hatreds stirred by a decades-old war kill them both?

Review: Adapted from Jack Campbell’s much loved science fiction military series. Corsair #1 brings all the space actions to comics and gives us some solid visuals from Andrew Siregar (Sevara), complimented by color work by Sebastian Cheng (Orphan Black, The X-Files).

This first issue deals with Destina Aragon and her plan to bust Michael Geary out of the detention block aboard the Syndic ship.

The story is fast paced with fast dialogue and visceral action.

In a nutshell Aragon is looking to go home and take her soldiers with her, but she needs Geary for his piloting abilities.

We learn that Aragon and her soldiers, who were ground troops during the war, are due to be killed. Hence why she is looking to get herself and them home.

The plan they initiate does not go as smoothly as she hopes. The CEO of the ship being one major obstacle and a pain in the arse to boot.

The action is thick and fast and the visuals are truly stunning.

I loved the interior’s of the space ship and the exterior shots look great as well.

This first issue truly gets off with a bang and I’m invested enough to check out issue two, which will likely be out next month.

I will admit to having not read any of these books. So this comic book adaptation is my introduction this world.

The characters seem very real. Especially the no nonsense Aragon.

It be interesting to see how her relationship with Geary develops as the story progresses. It be especially interesting given that they were both on apposing sides of a war that went for over 100 years.

The Lost Fleet: Corsair #1
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