In Review: The New Legends of Monkey – Season 2 (Netflix)

The Monkey King and his friends return as the seek out the scrolls of wisdom while fending off the demonic forces who seek out the scrolls for their own evil. 

Synopsis: The Monkey King and his friends return as the seek out the scrolls of wisdom while fending off the demonic forces who seek out the scrolls for their own evil.


The Story

Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy, and the young monk Tripitaka continue their quest to collect the scrolls of wisdom and link up with the rebel gods in the west. Feeling fairly confident with themselves Monky and his friends learn that complacency is an evil mistress when the Demons somehow manage to steal the scrolls from them. The demons who for the most part seem to be under the spell of the Puppeteer Hagfish who is a very clever villain for Monkey and his friends to contend with. As the season progresses we see young Tripitaka get puppeted, and Monkey goes up against Shadow Monkey as they struggle to get the two scrolls back from Hagfish and obtain the scroll of creation.


The Acting

Having established their roles in season one. This second season sees much improvement in the overall acting as the four main leads get more screen time together and more character development. Josh Thomson gets a lot of development as Pigsy who turns out to be the main source of food for the group given that he has master skills in the Kitchen as well as being an awesome fighter with his rake. Emilie Cocquerel’s Sandy learns more about her powers, which include the ability to manipulate water, which she uses to fun effect by making people cry or want to suddenly go to the toilet. Sandy is also the quietest of the trio of gods who travel with Tripitaka and perhaps the most underestimated.

Luciane Buchanan is rock solid as Tripitaka and is very much the leader of the group, but that role is tested to great effect by a few game-changing events. Chai Hansen continues to be the perfect embodiment of the childlike and somewhat arrogant Monkey King and gets a lot to do this season as we learn more about him.

In short. The chemistry between the four leads has really developed and each character has their own respective arc and personal challenges to meet during this second season as their friendship and loyalty to each other and to their quest gets seriously tested.



Where season one brought the team of Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy, and Tripitaka together and began their quest. This second season sees them gel as a team as their questing becomes more and more dangerous. Hagfish provides an excellent villain for them to contend with and pretty much rules the roost when it comes to getting things done. Whereas the other demons seem fairly ineffective and preoccupied with infighting.

The second season includes highlights such as Monkey doing the Deadpool thing in episode one when he loses his hands and needs to seek out a special plant to regenerate them. We get to see more layers added to Pigsy’s character as he uses his cooking skills to infiltrate the Demon Camp in order to try and help Monkey and Tripitaka who are doing a very bad impersonation of humans.

The fight choreography is excellent throughout the series as is the clever use of magic and the cheques and balances that must be made by those who use it. Which is a point that is made really strongly in the season two finale where a great sacrifice has to be made in order to kill off the Shadow Monkey because for every good thing that happens. There have to be bad things happening too in order to maintain the balance and natural order of things.

Overall. A fantastic second season, which builds on the world that we were introduced to in season one.

The New Legends of Monkey - Season 2 (Netflix)
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