In Review: The Saint (2017)

International master thief, Simon Templar, also known as The Saint, is asked by a desperate rich man to find his kidnapped daughter.

Synopsis: International master thief, Simon Templar, also known as The Saint, is asked by a desperate rich man to find his kidnapped daughter. However, in addition to evading the authorities, Simon must face a dangerous adversary from his past.

Review: Initially intended as a television pilot to reboot the classic series. The Saint sees Adam Rayner take on the role of Simon Templar.

The story is relatively simple, but a little disjointed due to the fact that parts have been removed and added in order to produce a stand alone film. One such example of this is Roger Moore’s role. In the pilot, which never aired. Moore had a little bit more of a role, but in order for the film makers to make this pilot into a stand alone story. Much of Roger Moore’s part wound up on the cutting room floor.

In the film Templar is aided by Patricia Holm who is pretty much his back up insofar as she provides live intelligence from her laptop or whatever other gadget she is using. Patricia is ably played by Eliza Dushku. Fans of the books will recognise Holm as Simon Templars on and off again love interest, but in this film the relationship is more professional and relatively new. 

The stunts in the film are pretty good given this was done on a television budget. There is plenty of it dotted throughout the 90 minutes, which includes a fun bit of Parkour through a market place as Simon tries to outrun his FBI pursuer.

The film is aided by some nicely placed cameos from previous actors to have portrayed The Saint. These include Ian Ogilvy and the late Roger Moore who originated the role in the ATV series from the 1960’s. Ogilvy plays the criminal master mind who is pretty much behind the kidnapping in the story. 

Although this has been made into a stand alone film, it struggles to hide the fact that it was initially made as a TV pilot. The signs are there for what would likely have been a story arc featuring The Brotherhood and their mission to kill off the remainder of the Templar family. There is also a fair bit of back story dotted throughout the film, which explores why Simon Templar made the choice to be a modern day Robin Hood.

The films story resolves with a fairly satisfying end, but its blatantly obvious that there would have been a lot more to come had this gone to a series. It’s a shame that we could not have seen a little more of Roger Moore, but the little we do get paints him as somewhat of a villain, which would have been a fun thing to have seen more of given that he always played the hero.

It’s a fairly entertaining 90 minutes, but does have a few issues. Namely the European locations used in the film relay quite heavily on stock footage.

With its use of technology. The film has a little more in common with the 1997 movie, which starred a very miscast Val Kilmer in the role. Thankfully Adam Rayner is better casting for the role of Templar.

Some of the acting was a tad ropey frome some of the minor players and the story didn’t really do anything new or with the character other than take away some of his independence.

The Saint is available to buy through Amazon for a modest £7.99 in HD.

I’d only really recommend this release to ardent fans of The Saint that will probably enjoy the film for the brief cameos from Saints of the past.

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2 Comments on this post.
  • Doug W
    27 August 2017 at 11:15 pm -

    I really love liked to movie and hadn’t read the books. I’ve only seen the van Kilmer movie before, which I also appreciated. I wish they would make a series of this.

    • Ian Cullen
      27 August 2017 at 11:30 pm -

      It could happen some day.

      I mean it has had two successful TV series already. One in the 60’s and another in the 70’s.

      Also. Since this review went live. The film is now available on UK Netflix.

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