In Review: The Strain: Mr Quinlan–Vampire Hunter #5

Quinlan returns to Rome, attempting to live a quiet life despite the chaos around him, but the Master has other plans.

Synopsis: Quinlan returns to Rome, attempting to live a quiet life despite the chaos around him, but the Master has other plans. Violence and betrayal abound, changing the course of the vampire hunter’s life as his Roman origin story comes to its thrilling conclusion.

Review: Picking up a day or so after the last issue left off. Quinlan is bed ridden after having defeated the Berber King single handedly and saved the province from future attacks.

Quinlan’s reward for this is the closest he ever gets to living an ordinary human life. He takes a wife and has a daughter and lives for six years in relative peace until one of the Masters puppets catches up with him and takes aways his family.

This sets the stage for the Quinlan we meet in the TV series. The hunter who is determined to use whatever means at his disposal to take down the Master. Even burning the entirety of rome in order to do it.

Edgar Lapham does a brilliant job of finishing off Quinlan’s origin and sets the stage perfectly for the Quinlan we meet in the television series.

Throughout all five issues the art team of Keith Chapagne and Dan Jackson have brought an eery beauty to some of the comics more gore filled battle and many of the combat scenes. Especially those in the arena, which we saw in earlier issues. Almost has a Ballet quality to them.

The colours throughout the story have been vibrant and not so vibrant when the mood has had to be tone down.

If you haven’t read this mini series. Then I recommend you get the trade when it is released. This is a true extension of ‘The Strain’ series that fans will love. It will be well worth the investment.

The Strain: Mr Quinlan--Vampire Hunter #5
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