In Review: The Twilight Zone – The Complete Series (Blu Ray)

An excellent Christmas Gift Idea for fans of nostalgia.

Synopsis: The Twilight Zone has enthralled, captivated and mesmerised millions of television viewers with its five seasons of provocative stories, unforgettable characters, and star-studded roster of talent. Now you can enjoy all 156 episodes of Rod Sterling’s acclaimed series in one comprehensive collection on Blu Ray.

Review: Before I start this review. I must point out. That this is for the North American release of the set.

As the product description pretty much tells us. ‘The Twilight Zone’ was the series, which pretty much popularised science fiction, fantasy and horror anthology on the television. This Blu Ray collection includes all 156 classic episodes along with tons of extras, which include various talks and lectures given by series creator Rod Serling whose work on this series would go on to inspire generations of film makers and television writers well into the 21st century.

All five seasons of the series are in this collection and the transfer from standard definition to High Definition for Blu Ray is absolutely gorgeous. I remember watching various episodes of this series over and over again throughout the 1980’s and 90’s with my late father. My Dad wasn’t particularly a fan of science fiction and fantasy, but he was a fan of scripted drama when it was done well and the acting was good. I’m sure most fans of this series will have similar memories of watching with their loved ones.

All your classic and memorable episodes are included here and pretty much every one of them has some extra’s accompanying them such as interviews, commentary tracks and archive audio and video of various lectures and talks given by the late great Rod Serling.

For me. This set was an opportunity for me to see some of the first season and second season episodes that I’d not seen when the show was repeated on UK television. And some of those early episodes are really strong to this day. It also illustrates how early in the show. The themes and morality tales that we’d grow to love were established.

For hardcore fans of the series. This would be the holy grail in terms of getting the whole series and all of the extras.

If there is one strike against this release. Its the rather mediocre packaging. Basically you open the plastic case and there is very little protecting the disks inside and literally no extras in the form of any booklets illustrating some of the shows highlights.

All that said. The cheaper packaging does allow the manufacturers to release this set at a much lower price point than previous incarnations of the set and retain the generous amount of extras and interviews that previous releases have had, but in a more compact way.

So if you haven’t gotten around to getting ‘The Twilight Zone’ on Blu Ray as yet. Then this is a great way to do so. And at $126 you get real bang for your buck.

The Twilight Zone - The Complete Series (Blu Ray)
  • The Good: Great transfer to HD and Fantastic Extras
  • The Bad: Packaging could be better
  • Stories
  • Navigation Menus
  • Extras
  • Packaging

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