In review: Thief of Thieves # 26

If you have not been reading Thief of Thieves, issue #26 is a fabulous issue to start with!

From Image Comics and the Skybound imprint, Thief of Thieves was created by Robert Kirkman, and features the creative talents of  Andy Diggle (writer), Shawn Martinbrough (illustrator), and Adriano Lucas (colorist). After reading issue #26, I felt as if the book was more like a really good television script rather than just a great comic.

Thief of Thieves consistently tells a higher degree of riveting story, featuring beautiful artwork and great colors with issue #26 being no different. In this issue Conrad, who is now finally free of the imminent threat of death from the Mob, attempts to reconcile with his estranged wife Audry, who lets him know in no uncertain terms that now as before, she is done with their marriage.

Enraged, Conrad returns to his room only to be surprised by Celia, who is supposed to be hiding in Iceland with Don Parrino’s little blackmail book. But Celia’s timing could not be better, with her and Conrad finally acting on ‘years of unfulfilled sexual tension, released in a burst of world championship-level wild monkey sex.’ (This great line is straight from the book.)

It is at this point in the issue that the next chapter in Redmond’s story is beginning to unfold as Celia pushes Conrad to begin working again, indicating that she has jobs and buyers lined up, with Conrad declining now as he has for the past year saying, “Redmond is Dead.” Dismayed Celia and Conrad part ways and as Celia leaves the hotel in a taxi bound for the airport, she dials her phone and when she begins talking says simply, “This is Redmond.”

Issue #26 was compelling, fun and exciting as it was full of drama, emotion, sex and a great plot twist at the end as Celia embarks on her new solo career in Redmond’s name. If you have not been reading Thief of Thieves, issue #26 is a fabulous issue to start with!

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