In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – Brains vs Brawn

This review contains spoilers for the latest episode of Thunderbirds Are Go.

Synopsis: The Mechanic decides to destroy The Hood. As International Rescue try to save The Hood, Brains aims to stop The Mechanic once and for all.

Review: Brains takes center stage in this adventure where he must use all his engineering prowess to shut down The Mechanic before he can finish off The Hood once and for all.  Obviously saving the life of the Hood is not the easiest thing for International Rescue to do given their past history, but that doesn’t mean that they have to make the rescue a pleasant one.

Much fun is had as pretty much all the Thunderbird ships come into play in order to pass The Hood around and make him a harder target for The Mechanic to zone in on. I really enjoyed seeing the different ships pass The Hood around midair like a Rugby ball.

While all of this is happening. Brians is tasked by going on a space mission in order to shut The Mechanic down, but this does not prove as easy as it sounds.

This episode pretty much concludes the long arc with The Mechanic and The Hood and branches off as we get left with a huge Cliffhanger.

The visuals in this episode were fantastic. I loved the whole way in which the various Thunderbird ships flew around passing The Hood to each other while evading repeated attempts by The Mechanic to shoot them out of the sky along with The Hood.

We get a fair bit of tension when Brains boards The Mechanics laser platform and goes all out to disarm it. I loved how Max was able to get involved with the rescue and fend off The Mechanics drones.

Overall. This was a great action episode, which finished off The Mechanics ongoing story and resolves things somewhat in order to allow the start of something new. It will be fun to see where this goes in the Future given that The Hood is still at large.

Thunderbirds Are Go - Brains vs Brawn
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