In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – Power Play

The Mechanic attempts to take over a Dam

Synopsis: The Mechanic takes over the Grand Sequoia Dam, leading all of International Rescue to intervene and stop him.

Review: In this episode, a crisis needing all of International Rescue happens when the Mechanic uses the facilities at Sequoia Dam for his own unique purposes. The problem is. The Mechanic doesn’t care much about damaging the Dam or the fates of the workers that toil there.

To that end, all the team at International Rescue are dispatched for a rescue and patch operation that requires the underwater traits of Thunderbird 5 as well as someone to patch up the exterior of the Dam while someone enters the facility in order to rescue the workers trapped in there as well as stop the water from pumping around.

It is soon revealed that The Mechanic is executing a plan that even The Hood thought was too risky to go with, which is a fun and interesting twist. The voice acting performances are top notch as always, but it is the underwater sequences as well as those taking place in and around the dam that is truly impressive. I particularly enjoyed the sequence where Virgil was using a futuristic form of cement in order to reseal it.

Of course, this show would not be a Thunderbirds series without its element of humor and much fun was had at the expense of Thunderbird 5 at the bumpy launch from Thunderbird 2, but as you’ll have seen in the episode. The fun did not end at that point.

The soundtrack was as Thunderbirds as you can get and the twist involving the International Defense Force Captain and the Mechanic was very well played out with an almighty ding-dong latched on for good measure. To say that the Hood is back on the board would be an understatement and it is a great twist allowing for some fascinating narratives to come. Especially given that Hood and The Mechanic are now adversary’s and no longer working together.

I look forward to seeing what is on offer next week. They’ll be hard pushed to top this.

Thunderbirds Are Go - Power Play
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