In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – Recharge

High in the Arctic, a machine designed to harness the energy of the aurora borealis has gone haywire. If not repaired, it could permanently disrupt the magnetic field protecting the earth.

Synopsis: High in the Arctic, a machine designed to harness the energy of the aurora borealis has gone haywire. If not repaired, it could permanently disrupt the magnetic field protecting the earth.

Review: This is yet another episode of ‘Thunderbirds Are Go’, which manages to walk the fine line between drama, high stakes action and drama and all in the one episode too.

The boys are pretty tired after a long week of constant rescues and just when it looks like they maybe catching a break. Scott and Virgil are dispatched to the Arctic along with Brain’s robot help Max.

Brain’s has set things up so that he can see everything that MAX sees via some clever use of virtual reality.

This time out the lads aren’t exactly on a rescue mission. Its their job to get MAX to the science outpost, which is malfunctioning so he and brains can conduct and over see repairs, but its a race against time in which at one point Virgil and Scott have to rescue MAX because Brain’s didn’t think about giving Max rocket boosters, which would have been handy on this job.

With the conditions against them. Virgil and Scott decide to make camp for the night while the snow storm they are caught in clears. It’s a risky decision given that the device they have to help repair is not stable and could eventually disrupt the earths magnetic core if it is not grounded.

This slight break in the action allows for some great character beats in which the boys talk about their father, who is missing and assumed dead. Scott feels bad about having to pause the mission and says that his dad would have found a way to continue the mission. Virgil is somewhat more pragmatic when he says even their father had limits.

After the brief lull in action Scott and Virgil arrive at the outpost, but the level of damage is so bad that they have to send Max in to stop the reactor from overheating by grounding the electricity. This dangerous mission leaves nothing left of Max other than his CPU, which the boys recover for Brain’s.

With all now seemingly being safe Virgil and Scott arrive back at Tracy island and give Brain’s Max’s remains thinking there will be no more Max. Brain’s cheerfully informs them that they have pretty much saved Max and all he needs is the right parts to put him back together.

This for me has to be the best episode to date.

It had a bit of everything thrown in and I really felt for Scott and Virgil when they talked about their father. I lost my dad a few years back so could relate and the whole conversation that they had felt very natural and true to life.

My one little niggle was Max when he fell off the edge of a rock face during the snow storm. You’d think Brain’s would have equipped Max with a rocket booster pack so he could have ascended back up the rock face, which would have saved Virgil and Scott from having to rescue him.   Hopefully this will forewarn Brain’s in future episodes.

I also enjoyed the music score that played during the scene in which Scott and Virgil have their chat about their dad.

Thunderbirds Are Go - Recharge
  • Great character beats between Scott and Virgil.
  • I felt MAX would not have needed saving had brain's given him a booster pack. But its only a small niggle.
  • Story
  • Voice Acting
  • CGI and Models
  • Incidental Music

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One Comment
  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    28 November 2015 at 7:43 pm -

    I loved the character beats and that MAX got to save the day! 🙂

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