In Review: Thunderbirds Are Go – Unplugged

An anti-technology group calling themselves 'The Luddites' power up an EMP device underneath London, crippling everything in the city that uses electricity, which is pretty much everything.

Synopsis: An anti-technology group calling themselves ‘The Luddites’ power up an EMP device underneath London, crippling everything in the city that uses electricity, which is pretty much everything.

Review: This latest episode from the new series of ‘Thunderbirds’ was both fun and somewhat educational for young viewers that maybe taking access to their gaming consoles and the internet for granted. What would we ever do without these devices that make our lives so much easier is the question posed by this new story.

In the episode Virgil and Grandmother Tracy have to make an emergency landing in Thunderbird 2 in the middle of London. Just as well they were visiting anyway.

We get some fantastic character development between Virgil and his Gran, who chides the youngster about his over reliance on gadgets and encourages him to go old school with a traditional map and compass.

We also see a little more character development with Lady Penelope and Parker, who provides a nice moment where he gets somewhat nostalgic about paper, which is something he has not seen or had cause to use since his childhood. It is supposedly 2060 after all, but will we ever actually go paperless?

The organization known as the Luddites turns out to be a front for a vault robbery, which is headed up by none other than the Hood.

This was a fun story, which I think could have got a fair bit more mileage than it did and would have made a more interesting two part episode if the writer had broadened things out. The implications of an EMP going off in London or anywhere are huge and sadly this story wasn’t really able to show us power outages in hospitals and other essential services being cut and or potential riots and mass panic.

All that aside it was a nice attempt, but I can’t help but think that it was a little bit of a missed opportunity for the series to do something much bigger than it has done thus far.


Thunderbirds Are Go - Unplugged
  • A fair story with good character moments
  • This story could have been much bigger than it was.
  • Story
  • Voice Acting
  • CGI and Models
  • Incidental Music

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