In Review: Timeless – The Red Scare

Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus chase Flynn back to 1954 where a generational meeting of Rittenhouse is about to take place.

Synopsis: Lucy, Wyatt and Rufus chase Flynn back to 1954 where a generational meeting of Rittenhouse is about to take place.

Review: Picking up moments from where last week left off. The team and an injured Rufus must make a trip back in time to 1954 during the height of the McCarthy era.

Tagging along for the ride is Jiya. But it would seem that he being the fourth passenger in a vessel, which is only designed for three people is having an adverse effect on her health.

Rufus is for all intents and purposes sidelined this week, which is why Jiya is brought in as the extra passenger. It gives Rufus something to do while Wyatt and Lucy do all they can to stop Flynn from murdering all of Rittenhouse.

In order to do so. Lucy finds a chink in Rittenhouse’s armour in the form of her Grandfather who she finds out is gay. She uses this and his conscience as a means to help her defeat Rittenhouse – a plot he is happy to go along with given that he thinks that they are pretty horrific.

Meanwhile back in 2017 we learn that Connor Mason is not the weak servant of Rittenhouse he had been making himself out to be. He reveals to Agent Christopher that he has been playing the long game and has managed to get enough evidence on Lucy’s father and put him away from several life times. Agent Christopher reluctantly goes along with the plan and pretty soon Lucy’s plan involving her grandfather and Mason’s evidence link up to give them all they’ll ever need.

After having brokered a deal with Flynn and returned to the present. Lucy and Wyatt set about looking to return to their lives and are given one more trip in the life boat in order for Lucy to try and get her sister back. Unfortunately for Flynn the US Government does not hold true to the deal that Lucy brokered. Which means he still winds up having to serve time.

Before she sets about trying to get her sister back. Lucy pays a visit to her mum. At this point we the audience are thinking all is well that ends well, but it would seem that the writers decided to add a bitter twist in the tail.

We learn that Lucy’s mum is also Rittenhouse and that the organisation would never let anything bad happen to her. Even if it means preventing Lucy from going back in time to hook her mum up with the father of her missing half sister.

This episode was great for a season finale, but is massively open ended should the show not get picked up for a second season, which is fairly likely given how it has been on the ratings bubble.

I enjoyed the twist, but at the same time I am really annoyed by it because up until it was revealed it looked like the series was wrapping up.

Although the chances are very slim. I am hoping that we will get a second season of ‘Timeless’ given that it has filled a void with regards to time travel shows. That has been left open by ‘Doctor Who. ‘

Timeless - The Red Scare
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