In Review: Tracy Queen, Volume One

"...drug addicted and super-intelligent raccoon named Nikola..."

“I hope that, aside from what a damn fun time they had reading Tracy Queen, people walk away thinking a bit more about pornography and sex work more generally. Too often, stories about people who do that kind of work are so limited in scope, and they often tell the same bleak story. But there’s so much more to sex workers’ lives than what we’re used to seeing! I want folks who read Tracy Queen to have a little more head space available to consider their stories after they put down the book—and seek out some others!” – Lynsey G.

Summary: Moments just before a great battle in Iowa, Tracy Queen reminisces how she first met her best friend, a drug-addicted and super-intelligent raccoon named Nikola, and how he inspired her to break free of her family and find independence by exploring her sexuality and working as a cam girl.

There is clearly more to this story, but going into detail would just be a pathway to spoilers.

Thoughts: To summarize the first volume of Tracy Queen would fail to do justice to the story this graphic novel begins to tell. I can comfortably say that this story clearly communicates the thematic journey that Lynsey G. has in store for Tracy Queen (as well as readers): empowerment – regardless of if it’s physical, personal, or magical – is intimately intertwined with sexual liberation. Tracy Queen’s theme of empowerment through sexual liberation arrives at a time in society when discussions of sexual health and identities have never been louder.

What makes Lynsey G.’s storytelling in Tracy Queen even more impressive is that she combines disparate science fiction and fantasy elements with cheesecake imagery and frank discussions about sex so smoothly that the story successfully manages to be funny, emotionally honest, and completely unique.

Should You Read It: Yes. This story might be NSFW, but it is incredibly fun and every panel is filled with originality. So get your own copy here.

Tracy Queen, Volume One

Writer: Lynsey G.

Illustrator: Jayel Draco

Publisher: Oneshi Press


Tracy Queen, Volume One
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