In Review: Walking Dead ‘Remember’

'Remember' was a good episode and is setting up the next big story arc in the Walking Dead.

The latest episode in AMC’s The Walking Dead’s fifth season, ‘Remember’ was a great juxtaposition of the reality of the new apocalyptic zombie world, as Rick and every one in his group cannot seem to get used to the reality of the supposed safety behind this new community’s sturdy walls.

The new community in Alexandria Virginia, which Rick and his group skeptically walked into in the beginning of the episode, also seems to be in more physical need of Rick’s people than Rick’s people  may be in need of them. But by the same token,  the community has somehow been able to survive since the beginning of the apocalypse and this episode is setting it up so that Rick and his people will be able to figure out just how they’ve managed to do it.

We even see Rick symbolically shave off his beard as he begrudgingly sheds away his savage brutality and once again becomes a lawman, with Daryl seeming to be having the hardest time accepting this new walled fortress of a community. Its interesting that Daryl seems to be more at home walking the horror filled highways of the Walking Dead than in a community that is exactly the kind of world he rebelled against before the dead began to rise.

But the leader of this new community named Deanna Monroe (Tovah Feldshuh) seems to think that even the skeptical Daryl can be given a useful job and fit in. By the same token, Carrol is showing herself to be weak so as to fool those around her for the moment when she believes she will need to strike, just as Michonne gets the sense that Deanna and her community can indeed be trusted, as she is enjoying the little things that this community has to offer such as hot water, bathrooms and toothbrushes.

And while there are worrisome indicators, such as Deanna’s son Aiden who seems more interested in things being done his reckless way, rather than the zombie world proven tactics Glen and his fellow survivors know with every fiber of their being. But just as it seems that Rick is comfortable in his uniform and accepting of the new reality of safety offered by this new Alexandria community, we see him tell Carrol and Daryl that if these people are not what they seem to be, that they will simply take the community over.

While ‘Remember’ was a good episode, it also tells us that not only was Shane right about having to do what needs to be done, but we also see just how well Rick has learned this lesson. This episode is also setting up the next big story arc in the Walking Dead, as Lawman Rick is needed to take on ‘Neggan’ and his roaming band of apocalyptic enforces called either the ‘Wolves’ or ‘Saviors’, so hang on because the roller coaster that is the Walking Dead is about to begin yet again!

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