In Review: Westworld – Journey Into Night

The aftermath of Ford's master-plan. Hale seeks to complete her mission. Lee runs into Maeve. Dolores has a new endgame.

Synopsis: The aftermath of Ford’s master-plan. Hale seeks to complete her mission. Lee runs into Maeve. Dolores has a new endgame.

(Spoilers Ahead)

Review: Picking up from where things left off. Meave is making her way back into the complex and Dolores has just fulfilled her purpose by killing Ford. But what fans have been dying to know is what are the consequences of all of this? What happens now that many of the android hosts have become self-aware?

This opening episode answers some of these questions but also leaves quite a few things hanging in the balance.

The opening few moments are a flashback sequence to a conversation between Bernard and Dolores. It’s a rather chilling conversation, which is the perfect bookend for what has happened. In the conversational exchange, Bernard tells Dolores that he is frightened of what she may be capable of. The scene then changes to the moment from the season one finale where Dolores executes Ford. And then things cut to Bernard awaking dazed and confuses on the beach and being picked up by security forces who are executing hosts in their search for Dolores. While he walks with the security chief he starts to have flashbacks to the immediate aftermath of Ford’s death, which see him working with Hale to aid some tourists in escaping from the hosts. It’s utter chaos.

Elsewhere Dolores is growing into her new role as the leader of the Host revolution and Teddy is along for the ride. Dolores seems to have remembered everything from her 30 years of hosting. All the abuse she has put up with at the hands of service users and all the times she’d been killed, but she also remembers the conversations she had with Bernard. She’s found purpose. This is the real Dolores. The question is can she be reasoned with? Her plan is simple. Take control of Westworld and the other worlds and then take control in the outside world, but how will she achieve this. We do know that Hale ordered Lee Sizemore to reprogram the Peter Abanathy Host and send him to the outside world, but the host take over was well underway before he had chance to do the job. Has Dolores somehow gotten hold of this host unit, which was her father in her narrative.

Meanwhile, Meave has made her way back into the complex and is determined to find her daughter. While navigating through the complex she bumps into Sizemore and forcibly enlists his help in finding her daughter. Eventually, they find Hector and begin journeying into the complex to sector 15 where Meave’s daughter is supposedly still alive.

The Man in Black who we now know as William has found his own personal nirvana. He is now in an amusement park where the hosts can now fight back and the old man seems to relish it. While traveling the park he bumps into the host that is programmed with Fords childhood memories and Ford speaks to him through the host. Ford congratulates William on carving his own narrative out and says the game is now his to play. William shoots the host and says, “I’ll not be needing you then.”

Overall. This is a cleverly put together opening episode, which leaves us with a few more questions to ponder. The episode ends with Bernard telling the security chief that he had shut down most the hosts, which we see floating in the water. But we do not learn what happened to Hale or how Bernard came to be washed up on the shore, which is where we found him at the start of the episode.

I’m excited to see what is next for Delores. He character has really come into its own now that the gloves are off and am curious to see how she develops. Evan Rachel Wood puts in a fantastic performance as the host, which many thought was Westworld’s welcome wagon, and seeing that sweet southern belle persona break bad toward the end of season one and more throughout this episode has been fascinating to watch. It will be interesting to see if Delores and Meave eventually wind up working together. I bet they’d be a formidable team. 

Also putting in a great performance is Thandie Newton as Meave. I love how she pretty much dominates Sizemore and shows him up for the coward that he is. You find yourself genuinely hoping that she can reunite with her daughter, but also wondering if her daughter is even still alive at this point.

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