In Review: Westworld – Reunion

For the most part. This episode focuses on Deloras and William's storylines.

Synopsis: Meave is reunited with Deloras and plans are hatched.

Review: This episode flashes back to the early days of the park as well as to events that take place shortly after Deloras takes over the park. The episode begins with a flashback in which Bernard is preparing Deloras for a show and tell marketing exercise to get investors onboard. Robert Ford is in the background trying to rush things, but Bernard is not confident that Deloras will perform to spec and feels she needs more time. We then move to a few scenes where Bernard shows Deloras some of our world.

Things then flashforward to Deloras doing a show and tell for Teddy. She and her posse have taken Teddy to the part of the complex where hosts have their memories wiped and get repaired after they have been shot during particular narratives. Deloras has one of the technicians show Teddy his history, which proves to be rather traumatic. Deloras then takes the technician prisoner and takes him and her group back into Westwork in order to recruit some surly outlaw types. Along the way Deloras and Meave. Westworld’s two most noted women have a bit of a meeting. The end result of which sees the two go their separate ways. Both have similar plans, but Meave would rather go her own way. She is no follower.  It will be interesting to see if the two strike up an alliance later down the line.

For the most part. This episode focuses on Deloras and William’s storylines. We see William in the ascendency at Delos and we get a fantastic scene between him and Deloras in which he confides that he cannot believe he fell in love with her. He says she is just a thing. A reflection, but he does acknowledge that she helped him become who he is.

In the present day flashbacks. William as we now know is the Man in Black and he is trying to raise a small army to lay waste to Westworld. While at the same time Deloras is wanting to lay waste to the human beings that have used and abused the hosts and it seems that William showed her the means by which she could do it. I guess he didn’t count on the fact that the day would come that she remembered everything she had been through.

Overall. This was a difficult episode to follow with the flashbacks between past present and whatever, but it did show us some more backstory for William and how he and Deloras share very similar goals. This is the type of episode that most will likely rewatch in order to try and capture every little bit of information. We’re only two weeks into the second season and it’s already getting interesting.

Westworld - Reunion
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