Caleb's past is revealed...

Synopsis: Deloras takes Caleb for a trip, which reveals his past and why his memories were repressed.


The Story

This episode of Westworld opens up with the host body Clementine Pennyfeather enacting some revenge for Meave by taking out Musashi. Meanwhile, Maeve is on the hunt for Deloras while Bernard, Stubbs, and The Man in Black aka William continue their mission to try and stop Deloras, but William, who seems calmer having exercised some of his demons through AR Therapy is still set on killing the hosts and warns Bernard of his intent.

The bulk of this episode focuses on Caleb and reveals why Deloras specifically chose to hook up with him. After we get a few flashbacks of Caleb during his time as a soldier with his mate, which connects to him receiving AR Therapy. Deloras takes Caleb on a mission to infiltrate a facility, which is guarded by five people, who all get killed with Deloras’s handy drone. As they arrive inside the facility Caleb begins to recognize it and has a few flashbacks of the AR therapy sessions he had there and asks Deloras where they are. It is revealed that it is where Seroc’s original A.I. program is housed, which was called Solomon. Deloras wastes no time in opening communications with Solomon who proceeds to talk about his programming and why Caleb and certain other individuals known as outliers were reprogrammed with the use of AR therapy to keep the new A.I. system running smoothly by helping to mitigate the criminal element. Caleb learns that he was lied to about the circumstances that surrounded the death of his friend and a number of other things. As he learns the full extent of it Caleb seethes with anger, which is what Deloras wants. Her plan being one of poetic irony by having a human being be the thing that destroys humanity as we know it.


The Acting

Aaron Paul gets a hell of a lot to do in this episode as Caleb learns to what extent that he has been manipulated and programmed by the AR Therapy and the system created by Seroc’s algorithm. The scenes we see of him where he is undergoing the therapy, which connects to the flashback scenes are really intense and pretty violent. I also enjoyed seeing Caleb’s reaction to what happened to him and the intense seething and purpose in his eyes as he walks out of the facility at the end of the episode.

We get an epic scene toward the close of the episode, which sees Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton battle it out as Maeve and Deloras face off against each other.



The pacing of this episode was just about right in that it took its time where it needed too so as not to rush any of the important story elements. I really enjoyed the revelation that Caleb is a danger to the system with him being an outlier or an outsider, who is not just going to sit back and take orders or follow the rules laid out by the system. But best of all was learning that William the Man in Black was also the same type of personality type.

The episode closes out with a great fight sequence between Maeve and Deloras, but you get the impression that things are far from over.

Overall. A really good episode of Westworld, which sets things up nicely for next week’s season finale.

WESTWORLD (S3-EP7) – Passed Pawn
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