In Review: Westworld – The Passenger

Everyone converges at the Valley Beyond.

Synopsis: Everyone converges at the Valley Beyond.

Review: While not as much of a twist as last season. The season 2 finale of Westworld just about manages to give us a compelling twist to keep us talking for the next 12 months.

Most the episode zooms on the relationship between Deloras and Bernard who both intercept each other and uncover the true plans of Delos Corp as well as an opportunity, which Ford had created for some of the hosts before he died. At least those hosts that somehow grow beyond their narrative programming.

The episode is packed full of twist and turns and sadly we even wind up saying goodbye to a few of our favorite characters, but I get the impression that one of these characters may get resurrected in a new host body for the third season, which will be a fascinating watch given that there are at least two Hosts living and operating out in the real world while Delos is licking its wounds and trying to salvage what it can of the Westworld Park.

We get some brilliant acting performances in this episode from both Evan Rachel Wood and Jeffrey WrightI loved the scene towards the close of the episode in which Bernard realizes that he has developed the human trait of imagination, which is very obviously a hint of what we may see in the third season as the two hosts living amongst human’s manifest whatever plans they may have. 

We say goodbye to Lee Sizemore as he dies a hero in order to buy time for Maeve and her posse. He even has time to give us a compelling off the cuff speech, but his audience is not appreciative of it.

Overall. This was a fantastic episode, which will no doubt keep the fans guessing and debating how things will move forward for the next year to 18 months depending on how long the show’s creators will keep us waiting for season three.

Westworld - The Passenger
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