In Review: Westworld: The Riddle Of The Sphinx

Is this now?

Synopsis: Is This Now? If you’re looking forward, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

Review: And the twists keep on coming.

This episode mostly focuses on William and Bernard. The episode opens 30 – years in the past where William pays a visit to James Delos the multi-billionaire owner of Delos Corp, the company that has been bankrolling the park. The scene then changes to William in the park. He hooks up with an old friend before bandits intervene. In fact, much of William’s story in this episode is split between the past with him visiting Jim Delos and the present in the park where William is still engaged in Ford’s game.

Elsewhere in the park. Bernard has managed to get away from Deloras’s gang and has found Elsie Hughes who he abandoned last season by leaving he in chains with a bunch of protein bars. Bernard he is malfunctioning frees a panicking Elsie from her chains and manages to persuade her to help him.

This week the two narratives involving Bernard and William do come together and we get a really big reveal in terms of the reason to why Delos Corp likely invested in the park. As it slowly becomes apparent that William along with various scientist and technicians have been trying to transfer Jim Delos’s consciousness into host bodies. Which is something that both Bernard and Elsie discover when Bernard takes her to the lab where it has all been taking place.

The twists, however, do not end there. As the old Black Cowboy William rides off toward wherever the game is we learn that the lady who escaped from the other park is his daughter.

Overall. This was a huge episode. For some time I have had the sense that the plot was likely to see a few of the hosts making it out there into the real world, which could still potentially happen if Deloras has her way. But the reveal that William has been exploring the possibilities of transferring a human consciousness into a host body is huge and you have to wonder if someone in the park might have succeeded given that Ford’s influence still seems to be coming into play whenever William interacts with certain hosts. Does this mean that Ford may have succeeded to a point where William and his team of Delos scientist have failed? And just what is it that both William and Deloras are looking for? The possibilities are endless.

Westworld: The Riddle Of The Sphinx
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