In Review: Wolf Cop #1

A disgraced werewolf cop and his wisecracking friend are on one gory road trip.

Synopsis: Lou Garou is a booze guzzling former cop with a bloody past. On the run for two counts of murder, Lou and his friend Willie are trying to stay two steps ahead of the authorities in their jalopy of a squad car. But when the pair come across a violent motorcycle gang with sinister intentions, they must fight to survive the encounter. Also, sometimes Lou turns into a vicious wolf-man still in his officer’s uniform.

Review: Wolf Cop #1 is a ridiculously over the top, ultra violent, and completely inane story. Meaning…it was a lot of fun. Subsequently, a story as violent as this is not going to entertain everyone. Lou Garou (aka Wolf Cop) is depicted as a reprobate as he drinks and drives down the road to nowhere in particular. Nothing about Lou seems noble, nor does he seem overly concerned about his plight. Conversely, Willie is the emotional center of the pair, and he pairs quite nicely with Lou’s stoicism. These characters are drastically different, but (like other duos in the genre) they work in unison to accomplish their goals.

(Enough with the attempted character breakdown) 

The creative team for this book knows their demographic, and they know it well. Wolf Cop is camp violence served straight up. You could run down a checklist for fun beat’em up stories like this, and all of the those boxes would be ticked. Two guys on the open road? Check. Dangerous motorcycle gang with shadow boss (who eventually is revealed to be a giant warthog) that eats human flesh? Check. Anti-hero turning into a wolf-man and eviscerating his enemies? Check. Check. Everything mentioned is what makes this book work. There isn’t much of a larger story in the first issue, and that is fine. A series like this one really doesn’t require much more than a basic framework to progress the action.

Going into Wolf Cop #1, you don’t know exactly what to expect beyond it being ridiculous, yet the massive amount of blood, gore, and puns adds a variety to a premise that can could have easily fizzled out. If you are into decapitation, cannibalism, and werewolves kicking ass, give this title a shot.

Wolf Cop #1
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