In Review: X-O Manowar #5

The devil you know may be your own.

Synopsis: Aric finally faces the end of his major task, taking out the Cadmium president. This despot has caused much strife and suffering among the Azure people, and Aric deals with him accordingly. However, the most dangerous threat on planet Gorin may come from the Azure people themselves. Now, their major enemy has been dealt with, Aric may have to go back on his word to the leader of the Burnt tribe. Whatever his decision may be, our hero must don the X-O armor once again to survive the next ordeal.

Review: No matter where you are in the universe, war is an ugly and vicious horror. It turns friends into enemies, and good men become monsters. War on planet Gorin is no exception. Aric has tried to remain the person he became when he arrived on this alien war. Little by little, the man he strives to be begins to erode. Yes, he still lives by a warrior’s code of honor, as depicted in how he dispatches the Cadmium president, yet the relationship Aric cultivated with Schon lies strained and possibly broken. Furthermore, Aric knows that if he is to solve his latest problem of dealing with the Burnt tribe, who find themselves in great danger, he must resort to finally using his armor. Thus, reverting back to the weapon he once was.

The vastness the landscapes in issue #5 delights the senses. The airships ungulate with sinister tentacles reminiscent of the bizarre life forms seen in books such a Prophet. The real highlight of this issue is the tight panels where you see both a battle with blades, or the panels where characters make their positions clear to one another. Both are equally important, and it shows in the high quality of detail shown page after page.

X-O is probably one of the best sci-fi books out there. Honestly, it is probably the best sword and sorcery-esque (you know what I mean) book to come out in ages. It is an absolute must read, and this issue remains no different.


X-O Manowar #5
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