In Review: X-O Manowar #6

Aric finally moves against an enemy within his midst.

Synopsis: Though Aric trusts the warriors who fight beside him, he has always remained suspect of those he fights for. The Azure general and emperor both have hidden ulterior motives. Aric realizes that it is only a matter of time before one or both of them make their move. These are precarious times, and with the appearance of the deadly monoliths, Aric finally must take action against those who command him. The mutiny is finally here, and it will be bloody.

Review: The deeper Aric finds himself embroiled in the politics of war, the more he relies on Shanhara. In the first few issues of the series, the reader sees our protagonist rely on the armor’s abilities to overcome physical obstacles only. This remains to be true in issue six; however, Aric has begun to leave pieces of his armor connected to his body. You can almost feel the disdain and disgust seeping from Aric’s pores. It is a visual admission that, in many ways, he must rely on Shanhara if he is to survive the political intrigue and the mysterious monoliths. Even his lover, Schonn, sees the dependence that Aric refuses to admit to himself. In a host of different ways, Aric has become almost completely dependent on the armor similar to a drug addict.

The assassination scenes are some of the most dynamic panels in the entire issue. Seeing the meeting erupt into chaos due to poison instantly charges the panels with a tense energy. There is a tightness that also heightens the sense of urgency as Aric fends off his would be assassins. Pages, such as these, sometimes come across as a jumbled mess, but Braithwaite is economical in what is on the page. This restraint is a boon to action, and it enhances the overall flow of the scene.

This a book that never disappoints. It gives the reader just enough mystery to keep us coming back for me. It doesn’t feel like a gimmick but an authentic progression of a story. A story that I will continue to relish.


X-O Manowar #6
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