Jenna Coleman Nearly Left ‘Doctor Who’

Last week Steven Moffat confirmed that Jenna Coleman nearly quite her role of Clara in 'Doctor Who'

Last week Steven Moffat confirmed that Jenna Coleman nearly quite her role of Clara in ‘Doctor Who’

The actress was widely rumoured to be leaving her role as Clara last year, but will rejoin Peter Capaldi for the upcoming ninth run.

Moffat has now told Doctor Who Magazine that series eight closer ‘Death in Heaven’ was originally intended to feature Coleman’s final appearance.

“That was her last episode,” he said. “And then she asked me if she could be in [the] Christmas [special]. So I said, ‘OK, I’ll write you out in Christmas’.

“She came to the read through and did the ‘write out’ version – and again changed her mind.”

Despite Clara’s ever-changing fate, Moffat insisted that he “never wanted [her] to go”.

“I didn’t really want ‘Death in Heaven’ to be her last episode,” he said. “And with ‘Last Christmas’, I’d already written the alternative version where she stayed, and I preferred that version.

“Frankly, I didn’t want to lose her. She’s an amazing actress, and she never stops working to make Clara better. I was very happy to go the extra mile to make sure we could keep her.”

Doctor Who will return to BBC One in autumn 2015.

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  • Raissa Devereux (@RaissaDevereux)
    9 March 2015 at 2:36 pm -

    I’m fine with this as long as they provide closure/clarification with the Impossible Girl arc in S9.

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