“Kismet, Man of Fate” crowdsourcing campaign – Progressive Muslim Ex-superhero Activist Story Aims for Its Next Target through Patreon

In the era of Black Lives Matter and voting rights, Kismet's progressive mission may be more important than ever.

Critically acclaimed, Kismet, Man of Fate – Volume 1 (2018) brought the very first Muslim superhero back into action after decades M.I.A. He returns as an activist, an advocate, and an anti-fascist. But that was only half the story. Ready to read the rest?

Writer A. David Lewis has announced a uniquely crowdsourcing campaign. Rather than resorting to Kickstarter or IndieGoGo or GoFundMe, Lewis has arranged an atypical Patreon campaign: rather than supporting him, all pledges are directed to his art team and to accelerating the next volume’s progress.

“This is a challenging time for a lot of people,” says Lewis, “and I hate to press them for some big donation. This way, many hands make light work. For the cost each month of one comic book being purchased, they can contribute each month to a comic book being made.”

In the era of Black Lives Matter and voting rights, Kismet’s progressive mission may be more important than ever. With a small monthly pledge, the standard Patreon model, supporters can witness Lewis’s script turn into art, thanks to the skills of Eisner nominee Noel Tuazon, Rob Croonenborghs, and Taylor Esposito. Donors will also receive frequent online goodies and updates, as is to be expected.

“I’m so pleased we could keep Kismet alive,” notes Lewis, a co-editor of the Muslim Superheroes academic collection. “Even if it’s a slow and gradual roll-out, we’re in no rush. I’m proud of this script, it’s worth sharing, and the mass of individual interest in it collectively feels perfect for the book’s themes and messages.”

“There’s better days ahead,” he says.

Learn more about the project and how to contribute at patreon.com/kismet2


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