Maisie Williams Returning For One More Episode Of ‘Doctor Who’

Dollard said that it was very hard for her to keep Maisie's return in 'Face The Raven' a secret.

This weekend saw the conclusion of Maisie Williams debut on ‘Doctor Who’, but it is not necessarily the end of the immortal Ashildr.

Over the weekend Twitter was set alight when ‘Doctor Who’ writer Sarah Dollard revealed that Maisie would be returning as Ashildr in one of her episodes, which is episode 10 ‘Face The Raven’.

Given how ‘The Woman Who Lived’ ended this news did not really come as to much of a surprise to the more seasoned ‘Doctor Who’ fans out there, but it does make for some interesting possibilities and is a great talking point.

Dollard said that it was very hard for her to keep Maisie’s return in ‘Face The Raven’ a secret.

She was speaking at the MCM London Comic Con earlier as part of a panel with Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss and Rachel Talalay, who will be directing the series nine double-bill finale.

Moffat has insisted, though, that Williams is not the new companion.

In the show, Williams plays Viking girl Ashildr and viewers saw her make her second appearance on Saturday’s episode ‘The Woman Who Lived’.

Last week Maisie Williams hinted that her character would recur, but was very coy with any solid information.

Williams character of Ashildr has fast become a favorite with fans of the series. So it would be great to see her return a little more if the actresses ‘Game Of Thrones’ shooting schedule allows.

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