Maisie Williams Role In ‘Doctor Who’ Is Revealed

The 'Game Of Thrones' star will play a Viking girl Ashildr - but just what is it about her that fascinates the Doctor?

For the last few months there’s been much excitement about Maisie Williams having a guest stint on ‘Doctor Who’ and with her episodes due to premier at weekend. The role she will pay in the series has finally been revealed.

The ‘Game Of Thrones’ star will play a Viking girl Ashildr – but just what is it about her that fascinates the Doctor?

‘The Girl Who Died’ sees the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) and Clara (Jenna Coleman) forced to train a useless band of Vikings to battle advanced alien mercenaries.

“Odin has come to visit his loyal followers, the Vikings, and reward their bravest warriors with a place in Valhalla,” revealed co-writer Jamie Mathieson, who penned last year’s popular ‘Doctor Who’ episodes, ‘Flatline’ and ‘Mummy on the Orient Express’.

“There’s only one problem – the Doctor and Clara, who are having none of this and smell a rat. They are soon caught up in the middle of a war between an advanced race of mercenary aliens and a village full of angry Vikings, who don’t take kindly to having their Gods insulted.

“There is another big mystery to solve in the form of Maisie Williams, who plays a Viking that the Doctor seems to recognise. But from where? Or is it when?”

Williams who is already a fan favorite for her role in ‘Game Of Thrones’ said that she found her role in ‘Doctor Who’ quite “refreshing” because of how it fused

“familiar bearded, hairy men setting” with a “futuristic element”.

“That’s what has kept me going really, [that it’s] not just beards and dragons,” she explained. “There’s a whole new element that’s fed in.

“It just looks so great with all of us in our Viking outfits, Jenna in her space suit and the Doctor in his cool coat with his crazy sunglasses. It makes for a really cool and interesting dynamic on screen.”

‘Doctor Who’ continues through time, space and the BBC’s irritating time shifting Saturday evening Schedule on Saturday at 8:20pm and fans in the USA will be able to watch a few hours later on BBC America.

(Via Digital Spy)

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