New ‘Lantern City’ Comics Announced

The creators blog has revealed that the producers of 'Lantern City' are partnering with Boom! to bring a new 12 part mini series to the mainstream comics market

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to be able to interview Bruce Boxleitner about a new multimedia project titled ‘Lantern City,’ which he described as a steampunk adventure series with a lot of heart.

In the last two years the project has picked up a fair bit of momentum and has a vibrant online community backing it up as well as a cast of well known genre actors standing ready to assume their roles in the planned television series.

The latest post on the official Lantern City Blog has revealed that plans are still underway for the television series, but we can also expect further chapters of the ‘Lantern City’ comic book series, which was launched back in 2013.

The creators blog has revealed that the producers of ‘Lantern City’ are partnering with Boom! to bring a new 12 part mini series to the mainstream comics market, which is a big move given that the initial comic was only sold via the Lantern City website and at conventions.

“One of the things that occurs in developing such an epically-scaled original property is that you discover quite quickly that there are many stories to tell. From a fan’s perspective, this could be both exciting and frustrating. You want what was originally promised and Team LC understands that. But imagine if Tolkien only wrote The Hobbit or Lucas ended the Star Wars Saga with A New Hope. In no way are we saying that we are on that level, but one day we hope to be. This is a truly original idea with so many story possibilities. This is why we were excited to release Rise last year; it provided a glimpse of the world’s history and it was only scratching the surface (and there will be more material released about the world’s history in the near future).

“Because there are so many stories, we have decided to expand the universe further with a 12-issue series in partnership with Boom Studios and Archaia. Without a doubt, the teams at both publishers have been releasing some of the finest titles in all of fiction for the past few years. We are thrilled and honored to be working with them and we know we are in good hands moving forward. They are as excited as we are to bring the world of Lantern City to a wider audience. The comic book series is going to be absolutely amazing and fans will only be disappointed that they have to wait an entire month in between issues!”

This also great news because it will allow ‘Lantern City’ the opportunity to be read about from a wider audience.

We here at continue in our support where possible and really do hope that Bruce Boxleitner and his fellow creators of ‘Lantern City’ are able to get the television series up and running.

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