Once Upon A Time: Jennifer Morrison Teases Further Details About Emma Swans Dark Journey

During San Diego Comic Con earlier in the month Entertainment Weekly scooped the first pictures of 'Once Upon A Time' star Jennifer Morrison decked out as the new Dark One.

During San Diego Comic Con earlier in the month Entertainment Weekly scooped the first pictures of ‘Once Upon A Time’ star Jennifer Morrison decked out as the new Dark One. These pictures were soon followed up with a teaser trailer, which pretty much illustrated how bad to the bone Emma will become.

In a recent interview with EW Morrison teased a few new hints at just how bad things will get for Emma as she wrestles with the Dark One, which possesses her, but seemingly not right away.

“Episode 1, season 5, she is not the Dark One,” Morrison’s co-star Robert Carlyle explained. “Maybe she becomes that, but at this point, she’s trying to get rid of it. She’s trying to get rid of the dark magic at the moment.”

Morrison added: “Before she’s surrendered to it and given into it, the good part of her is fighting with this darkness that is consuming her and it’s a constant struggle that’s really angsty and intense.

“In the surrender to the actual darkness, not necessarily the journey and the fight to try to stay light, she’s pretty different. I started by looking at all of her opposites, looking at everything that was opposite of what Emma stood for and opposite of what we’ve seen of her and trying to look at what that would mean.

“Emotionally, it’s interesting because there’s something really fun and free about Emma in the darkness, where she’s just free of the gravity of what other people think and the gravity of worrying about saving people.

“There’s a lightness, in a sense, in her darkness, because she doesn’t have to do the right thing and she doesn’t have to try to be the stronger, better person all the time. There’s a little bit of freedom in that that is really fun.”
Morrison went onto add that being the Dark One is not as straightforward as just being bad for the sake of it. “Instead of looking at this as, ‘I’m trying to be mean, dark and evil’, it’s about the absoluteness of her freedom from responsibility in the darkest way you can imagine. She’s completely selfish and she’s completely free of her responsibility.

“She is completely indulgent in her sensuality and her confidence and her demand for things in life. We’re building her from that place. It’s coming from a guttural, raw place in her that is almost like sociopathic in a way, someone just completely free of conscience.”

Once Upon a Time returns to ABC Sunday, September 27 at 8pm ET.

UK fans of the show can catch up on Netflix, which currently has all four seasons and will likely show season five as and when it is shown in the US.

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