Paul Sidhu Talks Science Fiction & His New Film 2307: Winters Dream

"I have always dreamed of being and portraying interesting characters I have read about or seen on film."

Actor Paul Sidhu is not what you’d call a household name in the world of acting. But in recent years he’s been popping up a fair bit in some interesting independent film projects.

His most recent is a science fiction film. Based on a story he wrote called 2307: Winter’s Dream, which has done extremely well for itself on the indie circuit.

I recently got to ask Paul Sidhu a few questions about his love of film and what inspired the story for Winters Dream.

SFP: What was it that sparked your interest in film and put you onto the creative path that you are on?

Paul Sidhu: A vivid imagination and a predilection towards fantasy. “The ability to live different lives thru film is something that has always drawn me. As an actor when you embrace your character and assimilate there nuances and emotional landscape it’s as if you have lived a different life.

SFP: Your latest film 2307: Winters Dream is based on a story you wrote. What inspired the story?

Paul Sidhu: I have been following climate change and have a special interest in the way evolution has historically had an effect on geo-politics. That was how I chose the backdrop for my film. However, the core of the story is really about an underdog. A person thoroughly beaten by society and his hopes of becoming something more. People who are dealt calamity and are able to rise from it inspire me.

SFP: In the film you play the role of Bishop who undergoes a huge change by the close of the film. Would you mind describing Bishop for those that have yet to see the film and maybe talking a little about the change he goes through?

Paul Sidhu: ‘Bishop’ is a super soldier who has lost everything. He starts the film in a very dark place and is given hope in the form of a daughter who he thought was dead. His love for his daughter propels him forward and allows him to assemble himself again.

SFP: Looking at your various films to date on IMDB. This was your first science fiction project. Is science fiction a genre that you’d like to do more of?

Paul Sidhu: I love sci-fi films. The infinite possibilities of the Universe excites me. And yes I would love to do more of this genre.

SFP: 2307: Winters Dream closes what seems to be only a chapter in Bishop’s life. Do you see potential for another movie with him perhaps leading the humanoids and his new friends to safety?

Paul Sidhu: Great you should ask! The second film is in development and has a completed treatment.

SFP: As a fan of the science fiction genre. I enjoyed your film because it had a fairly strong narrative and it was not an easy film to watch. It did what so few blockbusters do. It held a mirror up against humanity and held it to account. Why is it do you think that we do not get more commercial science fiction films like this?

Paul Sidhu: I think when the studios are making these type of decisions they are looking for mass appeal. In the independent world of film making I feel the projects have more soul. We try and make films that artistically speak to us and tell a story that effects our hearts. We start from that place and add the layers on to hopefully make it more appealing to a larger audience. The studio process is the reverse. They will start from a great high concept log line and then spiral out.

SFP: Another aspect I enjoyed about your film was the fact that you had Native American’s still living on the surface despite the cold conditions. I loved how they sort of sympathized with the humanoids. Was this always in the story?

Paul Sidhu: Yes it was. We wanted to show the difference between cultures. One that fights change and nature ending up underground. While the other embracing the climatic change and adapting to the earth.

SFP: Finally what other projects are you working on right now that you can talk about?

Paul Sidhu: I am very excited to be working opposite Tom Sizemore in an action film titled Hustle Down, which starts filming in June. Also I am finishing a labor of love project entitled Black this summer. It’s a story about the effects of Narco-terrorism in the Afghan, Indo-Pakistan region.

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