Paying Student Loans Through Blood Sacrifice

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February 2019 – Would the allure of debt relief be enough to start a new religion?  That question is posed by Loki, god of tricksters and last survivor of Asgard in the new book The Children of Loki: A Hardboiled Magic Adventure.

The Children of Loki follows the work of supernatural “consultant” and troubleshooter as he discovers a mad god owes him money and goes about trying to collect his debt while working through a caseload that includes human resources seeking a legal basis to fire a warlock, a ghost being used for industrial espionage, an ancient secret behind political nepotism and monsters popping up around rent control evictions.

“It’s Dashiell Hammett’s Continental Op viewed through the filter of The Night Stalker,” says Todd Allen.  “It’s a strange world we live in and sometimes it’s best examined with a touch of horror.  An urban fantasy with echoes of modern life’s dilemmas.”

The Children of Loki is published by Indignant Media and is available in both print and digital format.  For more information, visit:

About the Author
Todd Allen wears a lot of hats. At various times he’s been (alphabetically), a bouncer, college professor, humor columnist, Internet producer and an NBA/WNBA Beat Writer, among other, less interesting, things. He’s a member of The Mystery Writers of America.

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