In Review: Pennyworth (S2 Eps 3 & 4) The Belt and Welt & The Haunted Fox

Synopsis: This week we get two episodes with ‘The Belt and Welt’ and ‘The Haunted Fox’. While Crowley enacts his plan with unintended results, Alfred, Bazza, and Daveboy set...
The Belt and Welt

Synopsis: This week we get two episodes with ‘The Belt and Welt’ and ‘The Haunted Fox’. While Crowley enacts his plan with unintended results, Alfred, Bazza, and Daveboy set out to find out who had the nerve to steal from them.


The Stories

The Belt and Welt

Crowley continues his mission to discredit the leader and Prime Minister of the No Names. Elsewhere, Alfred and his mates are looking for the person that stole their money. After having turned London upside down. They eventually find the culprit and it all ends in tragedy in the death of Bazza.

In addition to all of this. Bet is still trying to reach out to Lord Harewood, but upon finally reaching him. She is betrayed and left to fend for herself with Katie.

Finally, Crowley manages to compromise Archbishop Potter, which ends with an unexpected tragic result.


The Haunted Fox

Haunted by the death of Bazza and the death of his father. Alfred Pennyworth accepts an offer to work a few jobs with his former superior officer Captain Troy. The job involves stealing gold from the Mayor of London. Elsewhere Thomas Wayne seeks help from Martha Kane to get his sister out of a relationship with a Fashion designer. Martha reluctantly goes along with it.

In London. The No names set about electing a new Prime Minister. While The Raven Union prepares a demonstration of their new weapon Stormfront.


The Acting

Jack Bannon continues to impress in the key role of Alfred Pennyworth. In these two episodes, it is the quieter and more reflective scenes that show the actor’s full range. The scene at the close of ‘The Belt and Welt’ is particularly poignant. Bannon works brilliantly alongside Ryan Fletcher and Hainsley Lloyd Bennett as they have to play out a really difficult death scene.



Paloma Faith is once more brilliant as Bet Sykes who now finds herself on the lam from the law as The Raven Union has pretty much disowned her. We get a great scene between Faith and Jessye Romeo in which Katie begins to get under Bets skin a little.



With these two episodes being the last we will see of Pennyworth for a couple of months. I was expecting much from the episodes and they did not disappoint. ‘The Belt and Welt’ was pretty much set up for the midseason finale of ‘The Haunted Fox’. The tragic death of Bazza is dealt with brilliantly and Alfred and Dave Boys’ final scene with Bazza is everything you’d expect. The macho banter between these three characters has been a highlight of the series thus far. So our group of friends is now diminished to just Alfred and Dave Boy. We get a great dream sequence at the start of ‘The Haunted Fox’ in which Alfred is dealing with his own regrets and guilt over the death of his friend.

‘The Haunted Fox’ also provides us with more action from The Raven Union and we see a bit of an interesting dynamic happening between Colonel Salt, Lord Harewood, and Frances Gaunt. It seems the Salt is looking to usurp Harewood and is looking to test Gaunt’s loyalties. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as the series progresses when we get the remainder of the season in a couple of months.

Overall. A couple of strong episodes, which sets stuff up for future story arcs. We also get to see Lucius Fox do a bit of spying for the No Names as he watches over the testing of the new Raven Union Bio-Weapon.


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