In Review: Dark Matter – But First, We Save The Galaxy

The crew of the Raza work to prevent the destruction of Space Station EOS 7

Synopsis: The crew of the Raza work to prevent the destruction of Space Station EOS 7 and head off an all out corporate war, which could  destabilise the galaxy.

Review: The season two finale of the ‘Dark Matter’ sees the crew of the Raza working with Commander Truffaut (Torri Higginson) to prevent an all out corporate war.

Five volunteers to work with Truffaut in order to investigate and uncover the plot by Commander Nieman to create a diplomatic incident by blowing up ESOS 7. The Raza don’t count on another plot, which is closer to home in the form of Four who know has his full identity back and is the Emperor of his world.

On top of all of that. They also have to deal with Inspector Kieren who is determined to capture the crew of the Raza and bring them in to the Galactic Authority.

Things go south pretty quick when Four recognises Five and the rest of the Raza Crew have to intervene by whatever means they have, which ultimately leads to Six being captured by Kieren and 3 getting the snot beat out of him by some of Commander Nieman’s men.

Added to this is the fact that it allows Four and his body guard to sneak on board the Raza and steal the Blink Drive.

This episode was chock full of plot twists and double crosses. Four has become a force to be reckoned with now that he has his memories back, but the fact that he knows the rest of the Raza crew so well is also an interesting twist.


Jodelle Ferland puts in a marvellous performance as Five in this episode. And it was really cool to see her sporting a futuristic corporate look while working alongside Truffaut. I particularly enjoyed the twist involving the android aid to Commander Nieman befriending Four.

The second season of ‘Dark Matter’ has ended with a galaxy size cliffhanger, which will likely keep fans speculating for an entire year.

It’s a damn good job the series got renewed for a third season because this particular ending would have been really annoying had it not.

Dark Matter - But First, We Save The Galaxy
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  • bootylips
    27 September 2016 at 6:55 pm -

    questions: Who came back with from the Alternate World with the crew of the Raza? If the blink drive is the single most important element/device the Raza have, why wasn’t it better protected? Can we assume Kieran is now officially dead?

    • Ian Cullen
      27 September 2016 at 8:13 pm -

      Interesting questions.

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