In Review: Killjoys – How To Kill Friends And Influence People

Synopsis: In ‘How To Kill Friends And Influence People’ The Killjoys and an old enemy join forces in a desperate bid to thwart Level Six’s plan’s for The Quad....

Synopsis: In ‘How To Kill Friends And Influence People’ The Killjoys and an old enemy join forces in a desperate bid to thwart Level Six’s plan’s for The Quad.

Review: All the threads that have been scattered throughout the first two series finally come together. A few episodes back we learned of Khlyen daughter Aneela who bares a striking resemblance to Dutch. We also learn of how Aneela took the green plasma and pretty much went mad and has been working on a plan to take over the entire Quad using the RAC.

Khlyen comes to Dutch and the Killjoys with a plan and a toxin that can poison anyone that has been bonded with the Green Plasma.

The plan is to poison the Green Plasma that is a natural resource on Westerly, but in order to spoil the broth the crew has to tap into the source, which involves an elaborate heist on a high security bank of sorts.

The plans requires that a grief stricken Johnny, D’Avin, Fancy Lee, Khlyen and Dutch all work together, which has its fair share of issues.

This season two finale was a highly charged emotional affair in which Dutch’s feelings for Khlyen finally get some closure as he makes the ultimate sacrifice in order to follow through on their plan. We also see Johnny get some Justice for the death of Pawter, but it proves a costly affair for him personally as he has to bid farewell to his life of a Killjoy and essentially become a fugitive.

By the close of the episode the influence that the Six’s have on Westerly is pretty much neutralised and Fancy Lee and all the Six’s that were fed the Plash from Westerly are suddenly rendered human.

The first two seasons of ‘Killjoys’ have pretty much seen our friends trying to figure out the true nature of the RAC and its influence on the Quad. Now that the back yard in clean of this. The third season will most likely see Dutch and the Killjoys going after Aneela in an all out war.

FX wise we saw some fantastic visuals in this episode. I especially enjoyed the sequence in which Johnny leads his pursuers a merry chase in a Star Wars style trench run through the space station, which holds the mysterious vault.

As season finale’s go. This one was definitely up there.

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