In Review: Killjoys – Meet The Parents

Johnny escorts Pawter home for a chilly reunion with her parents while D'avin experiences surprising side effects from Khlyen's Red 17 experiments.

Synopsis: Johnny escorts Pawter home for a chilly reunion with her parents while D’avin experiences surprising side effects from Khlyen’s Red 17 experiments.

Review: Johnny and Pawter pay a visit to her parents and find themselves and the lives of Pawter’s family under threat from a chemical weapon that freezes you to death.

Meanwhile Khylen now free has resumed his search to find out why D’avin was so resistant to the green ooze that was part of his level 6 programming. Khylen tries to link with D’avin and gets a bit more bang for his dollar when he winds up doing a body swap. A swap, which inadvertently reunites D’avin with his father, who Khylen has been pumping with the ooze to find out if D’avin’s resistance is hereditary.

Back at the mansion Pawter has had a somewhat uncomfortable reunion with her mother who as pretty much told her to leave, but unfortunately the chemical attack stalls Pawter and Johnny from being able to leave. As Pawter’s mother proceeds to investigate. Pawter sets out to join her in order to lend a hand.

Back on the ship. Dutch is having a somewhat unexpected reunion with Khylen who is occupying D’avin’s body. The usual antagonistic banter comes forth from Dutch who is still extremely distrustful of Khylen and his motives, but by the close of this reunion Khylen says that she will have some answers when she manages to decrypt the last message that he’d sent from the RAC. At this point the body swap comes to a close via electro shock.

Killjoys Meet The Parents

Back at the mansion the chemical toxin is looming ever closer. Pawter’s mother has infected herself to try and last ditch anti toxin that she had developed. But it is vein. But before she dies she passes the torch of leadership to Pawter, which allows her great power and responsibility in terms of the political mechanisms of Westerley. In order to escape the mansion and kill off the weapon Johnny has to blow it up. But that task goes to Pawter’s father who makes the ultimate sacrifice so that his two Daughter’s and Johnny can get to safety.

This episode had a lot of working parts to it. We get a little more about why D’avin was immune to the green ooze, but we also got to meet Pawter’s family and a bit of her backstory.

It be interesting to see how things develop now that Pawter is pretty much head of her household and a member of the political class.

Lots to look forward to in the weeks ahead.

Killjoys - Meet The Parents
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