In Review: Preacher – Monster Swamp

Jesse makes Quincannon a bet he can't refuse.

Synopsis: In ‘Monster Swamp’ Jesse makes Quincannon a bet he can’t refuse. Cassidy works to fend off the angels and Tulip tries to bring justice to Annville.

Review: Monster Swamp picks up the pace a little from previous weeks, but story wise its not the most cohesive.

Jesse having figured out how to use his power is getting proactive and sets about trying to convert Quincannon. To this end he asks Emily to pick up a 4K television as an incentive for the parish of Annville.

The episode opens with a dramatic chase in which a few prostitutes from the local brothel are being chased by clients with a paintball gun. The game takes on a monster turn when one of the girls is ate by a sinkhole. This story thread seems to be left hanging, which is somewhat of an annoyance because an investigation would have put some wind into the shows sails.

Cassidy meanwhile is stalling the angels by telling them that he will bring them Jesse, but happens to need some PCP and other class A drugs as an incentive. No doubt he found the drugs of use during his time at the local brothel, which happens to be where Tulip hangs out.

The story takes a monster turn when Tulip seeks justice for the death of the girl mentioned either. When the client that was chasing her shows little remorse for her loss. Tulip goes after him, but winds up in the wrong room and gets Cassidy instead. Thinking that her temper has near killed Cassidy Tulip has someone drive her and Cassidy to the hospital. While on the way Cassidy asks Tulip for a kiss in one of the funnier moments. Upon arrival at the Hospital Cassidy sneaks off the the blood band while Tulip is getting him checked in. The moment where Tulip finds Cassidy drinking blood is priceless. Lets hope that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Jesse now armed with a 4K TV is addressing his congregation and Quincannon happens to be among the towns folk. In order to show off that he has a hotline to god. Jesse goes after Quincannon and uses his newfound powers of persuasion. Jesse manages to get the congregations attention when Quincannon agrees to serve god and the church.

The final moment of this episode sees the two angels that are after Jesse suddenly getting a phone call from their boss. A call that they seem reluctant to answer given that they are not authorised to be on earth.

Some Thoughts

As said earlier this episode was a little more pacier than previous weeks, but there is still work to be done to make this a must watch show for me.

The series thus far has been far to focused on character beats to a point where very little has happened with regard to Jesse facing any real challenge.

I felt the sinkhole and the monster that we did not see could have been much more centre stage than it was.

For me one of the shows problems is the fact that it is all set in Annville. Perhaps making this more of a road show would inject a little pace and perhaps tighten the focus on story telling.

While it is true that we love to see character beats in a good drama. It can also be a not so good thing when said character beats are at the expense of advancing story.

I’m probably likely to hang around until this season concludes, but whether I return for season two. Will very much depend on whether the pacing and story beats pick up a little bit.

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